Know Your Leader

We start a new series under ever-on-going Amrita Relay to know about Indian leaders in various sectors. We bring to you a scientific analysis through various physical traits and it is possible that all these physical traits may not be 100 percent accurate. The series are to be looked to understand our leaders or likely to take up leadership role in various segments. These article no-were reflects if they are or will be successful leaders or not.

Today we bring to you first article on ‘Rahul Gandhi’ –
Rahul Gandhi physical traits indicated that he is a sensitive person, sympathetic to others feelings, gentle and responsive. He likely to enjoy softer music, more refined food, quieter surroundings and speak with more tact. He is a person driven by quality over quantity.

He has a strong ability to focus well on things (agenda) and good at identifying mistake (spot) quicker. He is likely to quick treat to situations and might not tolerate if others failing to take action. He need to be careful not to get agitated too easily over things (agenda).

He is an abstract thinker, prefer intellectual subjects to stimulate the brain. A good move by his parents by providing good education, involving in resolving issues of common people by mixing with others, this has not made him loner.

He is a man of high self-confidence, tend to take charge and be in control, likely to be authoritative by nature. He has confidence in almost anything he does. He likes challenges, changes, love to start a new projects or tasks, likes to start afresh. He can be friendly and do not have problems when dealing with others, but he would prefer to work on things and projects and happy to spend time working on his own way.

He will invest in things until and unless he see the want, will spend generously and also a good saver for future spend.

We hope you are enjoying reading this article. Stay tuned to know your next leader ‘Narendra Modi’ in the next article. Good day! God be with you always!

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