Abraham Lincoln : An Example of Idealism

LincolnWelcome back to ‘Know Your Leader’ series ever-on-going Amrita Relay. Today we shall look into some interesting physical trait of Abraham Lincoln. He has one greatest trait among other traits that made him a dreamer, lived in fantasy world, perhaps it reflected unrealistic in approach to real-life situations, it at times shows that people with this trait that they do very little, as most of time they are planning, dreaming about how things should be or see it or they will function. Make people with such trait to think soundly and logically can be a real challenge. If this is viewed with a balance view, can be a great advantage as people with this trait have an idea and will go to great lengths to get others to follow and make the dream into a reality.

Stay tuned to know about ‘Sachin Tendulkar’ in the next article.

We hope you enjoyed reading this. Good day! God be with you always!


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