Greatest Living Batsman – Ramesh Sachin Tendulkar

SachinWelcome back to ‘Know Your Leader’ series ever-on-going Amrita Relay. Today we shall look into some interesting physical trait of Ramesh Sachin Tendulkar, a greatest living batsman, Indian cricketer.

Que: A question that some people have asked me is, why can’t be there is another Sachin Tendulkar or Rahul Dravid?

I would say, yes people with the physical trait I am going explain can look forward to follow his foot step or become another legend. I am going refer Sachin (not full name) or he in the following points. Sachin builds confidence by evaluates and reacts to new experiences. His trait about confidence in some area of cricket has come with practice and by gathering experience and knowledge.

Que: Why he was unable to convert 90’s to 100’s many a times?

Because of the above physical trait or whoever possess such trait are cautious and hesitant for a given situation or become overwhelmed on the expectations. This by no means to say that they cannot do the task or capable of. Otherwise we wouldn’t have seen centuries.

Que: How the cricket board, team mates and fans can help to over come dry runs from Sachin?

Because of the above mentioned trait, he is likely to be hesitant to move into new situations and there is high possibility of lack of self esteem because of the peer (fan) pressure that put people (with such trait) down. The cricket board should think of providing more opportunity to build the experience that will allow him to look into smaller challenges (coach will play a vital role) to evaluate and practice.

Que: How do we support Sachin (or any people with this trait)?

All the fans, coach and cricket board – please look into this points as a friend to Sachin. We will agree that Sachin will also be worried about this challenge, don’t tell him its ‘OK’ or ‘It happens’ by doing so you are devaluating his concerns that can lead to low self esteem. Instead of this, the coach or mentors need to find out the cause for anxiety. Lets us not try to say its big or small issue, it is big as far he is concerned with it.

By handling such situation it the right way and you will help his (anyone else with trait) level of confidence immensely.

I have just discussed about only one physical trait, there is so much to write about other physical trait about him. I shall try to come back to write about in future articles.

Stay tuned to know about inspirational ‘Mother Teresa’ in the next article.

We hope you enjoyed reading this. Good day! God be with you always!

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One thought on “Greatest Living Batsman – Ramesh Sachin Tendulkar

  1. Nice One .. Yes as u said he is anxious, whether he continues playing or retire, only time will tell .. but will there be another tendulkar and dravid in next 3-4 decades is anyones guess.

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