Has Yahoo! got it right this time – Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer?

Welcome back to ‘Know Your Leader’ series ever-on-going Amrita Relay. Today we shall look into some interesting physical trait of Marissa Mayer, Yahoo! CEO.

She will like softer music, more refined food, and quieter surroundings and speak with more tact. She will be picky and fussy over tasks at work. She is a person softer by nature-sensitive and is more emotional. She has a soft voice inclined to be thoughtful, kind and sensitive in dealing with others. We see another trait of risk-taker, she has thin lips, low tenacity and low impulsiveness because these traits will be more inclined towards ‘Calculated risk-taker’. She is likely to weigh everything up and go for kill, so to speak.

She likely to have a great trait (Physical motive) that Yahoo! can leverage is ‘swift to take action’, especially during crisis situations is a great gift. We all appreciate person who knows what to do and gets right on and does it. Because of this trait, she has an ability to things moving fast and if there is deadline, she will stay on top to complete it. Because of her low impulsiveness and tenacity she is unlikely to make errors and poor judgement. She draw from her experience and also looking at all facts.

Yahoo! management team responsibility would be – having good selected (picked across the globe) team of gifted mentally motivated people dealing with all decision-making and planning will result in well thought out constructive plans, this has to be put into action by Marissa Mayer and her team. If this trait is taken into consideration by the Yahoo! management, they will bring out best from Marissa Mayer and her team. This will make everything positive and productive.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article under ‘Know Your Leader’ section ever-on-going Amrita Relay series. Good day! God be with you always! Stay tuned for the next article on Rajinikanth,Indian film actor on request from many readers.

Image taken from http://assets.bizjournals.com


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