Lateral Thinking: Billu and Munnu Barber

LT9: Chamelipur town in the midwest with exactly 2 barbershops, one on each side of town. The Billu barbershop on the west side of town is pristine. A more sophisticated system compared to the other barbershop. The Billu has a great business and customer etiquette. Where as Munnu barbershop on the east side of the town is a mess and its contradictory to Billu barbershop. The Munnu has a grimace on his face and other not feel good factor.

A man travelling through the town realizes he needs a haircut. Knowing the stories of the two barbers, the man decides to go to the dirty barbershop on the east side of town. Why does he do this?

We appreciate you all for the contribution!


12 thoughts on “Lateral Thinking: Billu and Munnu Barber

  1. Here its not stated that munnu barber wont do proper haircut, so the man passes by thinks of having only proper haircut irrespective of his place and went there.

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