Logic Problems: Life or Death

LP2: Mohan is trapped in a room with two doors. One leads to certain death and the other leads to freedom. Unfortunately, Mohan don’t know which is which.

There are two robots guarding the doors. They will let Mohan to choose one door but upon doing so you must go through it.

Mohan can, however, ask only one robot one question. The problem is one robot always tells the truth,the other always lies and you don’t know which is which. Please help Mohan to have life!

What is the question Mohan should ask?

(c) Amrita Foundation


9 thoughts on “Logic Problems: Life or Death

  1. i can ask one robo to ask from other robo that whether it is guarding door for freedom….
    if either 2 give complimentary answers, i m8 be able to chose properly.

  2. ask the first robot what is 1+1.
    if it tells the correct ans. then ask the other and choose the opp one
    else .. follow what the second robot tells..

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