Tech Mahindra Career: Interview with Dharagesh D

Dear Readers, Today we have Ever Smiling Dharagesh Dhamodharan, a campus recruited candidate. He is here to share his experience on Tech Mahindra campus drive, how he succeeded Tech Mahindra.

(Interviewer is the author of She: Ekla Cholo Re & BUGman)


Interviewer: Good afternoon Mr. Dharagesh! Tell me about yourself ?

Dharagesh: Good afternoon. I would like to begin with family first, dad is working as an Account Manager in TATA Groups and mother is an examination coordinator at Bharathiyar University. I have a sister, presently residing at Bengaluru with her family. My family is one thing that has been very supportive on the decisions I take. I wanted to be an Instrumentation Engineer hence I choose EIE because of passion that drew towards Robotics. Since EIE is a multidisciplinary, I found last nearly four years as roller coaster ride. I assume many would agree with this (smiles).

Interviewer: It’s good to hear that you don’t just listen to your heart but follow it as well. Why did you choose to apply to Tech Mahindra?

Dharagesh: (Smiles and thinks) The first thing I wanted to do is find a job before graduating. Otherwise it would be frustrating, buckling pressure from the society and peer would have been difficult to handle. I think humans crave for social identity (smiles). I just wanted to show to others ‘I’m capable’. Cracking the first company proved several right for me! (grins)

Interviewer: That’s straight from your heart. What were the different rounds conducted? Could you also share your experience on training phase?

Dharagesh: Well, Tech Mahindra Interview process was no less than roller coaster too! The first round was aptitude with mere luck as mathematics is something challenging but I enjoy verbal section of assessment. The second round was to look at an image and type a story. This round was a piece of cake walk, as I feel there is some journalism in me (laughs). The third and fourth round were Technical HR and General HR. I did struggle with coding question but it ended well. General HR was my cup of tea not coffee (smiles). I happen to challenge the HR that I would clear CAT and sit right beside him to interview someday. I see that dream is not far off! (smiles)

Interviewer: Thats a good to hear. What is /are take away from the process?

Dharagesh: Well, I happened to take up rather to know the value of patience since the recruitment process involved a day long waiting. I knew my weakness and strengthen, specifically to mathematics and coding (smiles). It was indeed memorable day but fell short to celebrate because two other friends didn’t make it through.

image-15Interviewer: Any suggestions for future aspirants?

Dharagesh: (Thinks) I believe that one need to show/present their abilities rather to sell oneself as a product. You should be able to tell people that you capable and could fit very well in their business requirements. Right words during interview could foster a healthy discussion. There is no escape of regular practice of aptitude. Attending regular aptitude could help in understanding the basics.

Interviewer: Appreciate your open answers that could help several readers. Thank you very much for the valuable time and information. Wishing you a great career ahead with Tech Mahindra

Dharagesh: Thank you too!

LOC for Native Bull

16237064_1582632488432673_369850341_nLet us think about the bull. For several years bulls weren’t seen as dangerous or harmful and how come they have become fricking terrifying animals all of sudden for ‘some’? If one had to agree to ‘some’, we’re terming the animal as murderers. By creating a war by ‘some’ has given rise to a feeling that they no longer had a place in our civilisation, hence they ought to be cleared (slaughtered?!). ‘Larger some’ has never feared or hated but always wanted to give a big hug.
Last few years that I have been really curious the way we think, feel and understand about animals. ‘Large some’ have started to realise and understand extinction of animals that was close to nature and nurtured by the man-kind. Human (‘Large some’) have sympathy because they see reflection in it. Perhaps this has to do with cultural dimension on feeling about the animals. As majority of ‘Large some’ is urbanising, the cultural dimension seemed to have buried deep down in making livelihood but not forgotten. ‘Large some’ were always wanted to empathise and show compassion to the animals that were close to their ancestors that meant no harm in real sense. They knew their culture is alive until a situation ‘some’ intervened and changed the image of the animal in ‘Large some’ minds.
The ‘Large some’ knew the delicacy of possible deaths or victims because of the sport but that in itself cannot be a conclusion because no sports come full proof! For that reason life itself doesn’t come with full proof. Neither those injuries or deaths out of sportsmanship have played a blame game. If ‘some’ are trying to put them/it in a back burner would be absolute flop in a voting country. It’s not just about power game but a time to help the ‘Large some’ compassion towards that is deep rooted otherwise will remain unsettling if ‘some’ don’t help in the survival of the animals they look up! The line that between ‘large some’ and ‘some’ might seem blurred but emotion matters.
Writer is the Author of She: Ekla Cholo Re ; BUGman and He Who Dreams