I Want an Ideal Partner

Most of us (perhaps all) have this challenge in identifying an ideal partner. According various research there are some basic traits that need to be considered.

Generally one looks for – handsome, a great figure, Six-pack, rich, popular, great job.

These things may be few important but they don’t take into consideration of building strength for a long lasting and meaningful relationship. Unfortunately people with great jobs, careers, education and wealth end up divorce. Why? Why the divorce rate is same or higher in rich society? Whereas a middle class or poor are much happier? This could be a reason that self understanding and need for a good match while choosing a life partner is based on general assumptions.

There are few basic trait that would be happy relationship to make it reasonably and smoothly, many people lack in understanding or knowing them. Does one choose a life partner alike or opposite? Is that a trait to look? Perhaps a matching traits are important, not opposite ones. This may sound strange to us, it is the way to find an ideal partner. Once you know these traits, it would be easy to handle. Stay tuned to know these traits, that we continue to develop based on research findings backed with prior data.

We hope you are enjoying these articles, we welcome your suggestions. Good day! God be with you!


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