I Want to Marry a ‘House Husband’

househusbandOne of my close, nice friend is planning to get married by early 2013. She rang to me on reading articles ‘Reading Physical Traits’. She is interested in a careers and she is searching for a partner with the following interesting things such as –

1. Do It Yourself
2. Homemaker
3. Happy to do any domestic chores

In other words, she wanted a perfect ‘House Husband’, we at Amrita had to really research to look for strong supporting evidence before we could give such advice. We found one interesting trait that does work and a woman tried for years to get her husband to do domestic chores. Understanding his approach to work, she simply states: ‘It’s time we have a new kitchen.” To her surprise her husband replied “You choose it darling, I will fit it.” Look into this internal happiness of her, she says: ‘I’m now working on him for a new fitted bedroom, bathroom and new landscape garden.”

My friend was very happy to hear this story and not sure if she started looking for this trait 🙂 . Lets stay tuned to hear some interesting stuff in near future.

Knowing such traits can resolve most domestic problems, that are caused simply because we don’t understand the thinking process of the other person or how he or she views. One this is solved we can work around these traits and know exactly how to approach them. The above story tells that the lady might have thought that her husband is a lazy bum, leaves all the domestic tasks on her, may be amazed with the kind of results once she worked on the approach of his work. Any ladies here looking for a ‘House Husband’?

We hope you are enjoying these articles under Perfect Partner – Amrita Relay, we welcome your suggestions. Good day! God be with you!

*If you’re interested to read a story on House Husband click here: Umbilical Cord

Image taken: justcoffee.blogspot.com for illustration purpose only


7 thoughts on “I Want to Marry a ‘House Husband’

  1. I can’t say mine fit into ideal house husband, but, I had the professional job and he stayed home most of the years and raised our four children. They’ve grown and started their own families now. I’m quite pleased with the adults they’ve become thanks to him. Strong solid citizens with goals an ambitions. Each is doing well.

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