Don’t Teach Me!

The physical trait in this pic as we see is “Don’t tell me what to do! kind of person. People with this trait will get along pretty easily along with others. But they are unlike to budge if you tell or suggest. They are unlikely to say ‘Yes’ for new idea or suggestion, its a standard operating procedure people with this physical trait.

If others learn to respect their choice and not push hard, they might change their minds. One need to ask their input and explain their need for help rather suggesting or telling them. They will become physically ill or explode if forced. They are uncomfortable if driven, it will take for people (without this trait) to understand and work with them. The advantage of this trait is, people are very creative – new ideas and mental resourcefulness.

Do you posses such trait? Like to know more about such people or like to know about yourself, write to us with your clear face-pic.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article. Good day and God be with you always!


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