Her Eyes

This is the first article under the series of ‘Reflection’ under ever-on-going Amrita Relay.

Today lets look into eye, you can see that eyes appear to look more forward in the socket of the person. The traits seen are –
1. Great sense of humor
2. See life on fun side
3. Laughs over things
4. Throws Jokes and Witty Comments
5. Approachable
6. Easy to get along
One might find it challenging to keep focused while talking to such person because of constant wisecracks and witty comments. If someone is interested to stuck a deal with such people, it is advisable to remember what old king Solomon said, “Their is a time to laugh and time to stay silent”.

Do you have your eyes like this? Analyze yourself and others if you come across such people. Lets help ourselves to make this world a better place to stay! If you would like to get your eyes analyzed, send us your clear eye photograph.

Stay tuned for the next article to see more about eyes! Good day! Happy festive season, God be with you always!


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