High on Eyebrow

Welcome back to 4th article on Reflection on ever-on-going series at Amrita Relay. Today we will discuss about High Eyebrows –

There is an interesting physical trait ‘High set Eyebrows’ in the pics shown in this article. In the pic one the eyebrows arch upward more outer sides of the forehead compared to the second pic and if it is more arch then the trait will manifest itself. Some call this physical trait as ‘Discriminative’ and others call it as ‘Selective’. People with this kind of trait are very friendly but the insight is they like to own personal space and if found in woman always remember to respect their space say 3 to 4 feet between you and them. It is very likely that they will become uncomfortable if space is invaded.

With time this trait person will open up and greet you in a more relax manner, it might take considerable time. The high on eyebrows give a strong message “keep distance”. They are likely to be formal and their approach will be same in everything they do. Lets assume if you are out for official lunch with such person, they will prefer to have food in bite size portion rather than large quantity at a time.

For others with not high on eyebrow always remember, its a sign of formality – never step over the boundary line; otherwise it will cause big trouble and it is unlikely to gain confidence, trust that was established or likely to establish. Avoid greeting them with a hug or kiss that might make them uncomfortable and they will show a sign of leaning back or raise hand to stop such greetings. Always respect their space all the time till both become close friends.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article. If you would like us to review your face, send us your clear face-pic. Good day! God be with you always!


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