Katrina Kaif: Trusting!

Welcome back to the 3rd article under Reflection on ever-on-going series of Amrita Relay. In the last two articles we saw about physical traits Eyes and Nose. Today we will continue with ‘Turned Up Nose’ of Katrina Kaif.

People with a turned up nose (for example Katrina Kaif) whereby when looking at them face on, nostrils are seen. Sometime these kind of nose are also known as ‘Piggy nose’. These kind of people are trusting and in some cases gullible (easily persuaded to believe something). A cautious for such people is that you can get conned or ripped by witty people. People with turned up nose doesn’t ask for any neither scientific data or points nor demands for proof. They are interested in common or general things with assumptions that you have done with your home work if you have come to sell a product or discuss. They are going to trust in you with confidence in the details mentioned. It is possible others might take people with upturn nose are taken for ride and it would be unethical to take advantage of such people.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article, keep tuned to know more about her ears in one of the next article. If you would like to get analysed your face, send us your clear face-pic. Good day! God be with you always!

Image taken from Google Image search for just representation.


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