Resume – Marketing Campaign

I am continue to receive queries about resume – do’s and dont’s and handling of issues such as percentage, non-continuous education, change in career or role and various such other things. In this series I will cover techniques for building your marketing campaign by creating a role specific resume that will catch the hiring manager’s eye by show casing your skills and experience in the most effective way. We also build a layout, best practices to put your resume online, usage of keyword that goes with Resume SEO, common questions and employment or education gaps, then we shall look into most popular layouts that you use a starting point and we shall close the series with the format and expectation from cover letter, references and thanking notes to the employers. I am really excited to share these piece of information to build your resume for marketing campaign.

We hope you enjoy this series, we welcome your feedback and views. Please do not hesitate to contact us at comment section if you have any specific questions on this series as we move on from first to last session.

Amrita Foundation wish you a great learning.

Reference: Get a Job WITHOUT an Interview-Google & Beyond!


2 thoughts on “Resume – Marketing Campaign

  1. Sir,
    Please help me out with making my resume directly focusing on my extra curricular activities. Since, I have more interest in managerial skill work. I have various event organisin experience too. Supportin to it,i have various certificates from my school level itself till now. I’m applying for companies mostly involving management work.

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