Resume – Career Management Cheat Sheet

Amrita Foundation welcomes you for the first session on the ‘Resume – Marketing Campaign’.

Session I: Resume-Career Management Cheat Sheet

The career management cheat sheet can be used to gather together information for your resume by adding suitable information such as your achievements, honors, accomplishments, awards, conference presentations, highest score in a course etc, include all these details in the cheat sheet irrespective of your job target. This will help to explore more about you and the list of information will help you to better target your need.

If you want a copy of this complete career management cheat sheet, we request you to do something for us. Please visit and click ‘Like’ and leave a comment in this section with your email id. We shall send you a copy of the same to your email id within 48 hours.

We hope you benefit from this. We wish you a great time gather the cheat sheet information. Best Wishes!


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