Resume: Choosing Right Keywords

Welcome back to the session 4 on ‘Resume – Marketing Campaign’, today we shall understand how to identify the key words needed for a specific role. As we mentioned in the previous article ‘Resume: Keywords’ that recruiter will search applicants based on the keywords and it hence vital to have them on the resume. The best way to search for keywords is to look into the online job descriptions (JD) and in case the position is already known incorporate keywords from the given JD.

For example search for online resume banks such, and various others. Let us consider, under the bar ‘Keywords’ lets search for ‘System Engineer’, let us click on the link that you would be interested to apply.

Lets look into –

-A basic knowledge and understanding of operating systems and database environments as normally obtained through the completion of a Bachelor’s degree in computer science.

– Minimum of 5 years experience working in a Linux environment.

– Experience working in a Dev-Ops model, directly supporting high performance development teams

– Ability to wear many hats and pick up new roles

– Passionate about designing and implementing innovative solutions to complex problems

– Senior-level knowledge of the Linux operating system

– Experience with public cloud services (Amazon EC2, Rackspace, Joyent …)

– Fluent with a high-level scripting language (preferably Ruby)

– Experience with configuration management systems (Chef, Puppet …)

– Experience with large relational databases (Specifically MySQL and Oracle RAC)

– Experience with large NoSQL databases, especially of the Key/Value store variety (Riak, Redis, SimpleDB, …)

– Experience supporting and troubleshooting Java application servers (Glassfish, Tomcat, Jboss …)

The bold ones could be the keywords needed for System Engineer: Dev Ops Support. Once you identify these keywords, you will need to place them at appropriate place, where is it? It is ideal to spread the keywords throughout the resume. Let them be places under –
1. Professional Summary or Career Objective
2. Professional Experience
3. Technical Skills or Expertise
4. Education Qualification
5. Achievements and others

Also look for the job title that the employer is seeking against the present designation. Try to use industry preferred title rather than the present or past company specific that was tailor made for only organization. This will help to optimize resume to make a lead from no lead.

We hope you enjoyed reading this session, we shall be back with the session 5 very soon. We welcome your views, suggestions and comments. Good day! God be with you always!

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