Resume: What is resume?

Amrita Foundation welcomes you for the second series on ‘Resume: Marketing Campaign’ series. We hope you read the previous article –

There are lot of misconception about resume such as – its a mere list of education, jobs, responsibilities and so on. This makes to loose out the actual skills and talents. If this is the case, What is resume? The resume should be designed to sell you. Creating a role specific resume is more than just listed down qualification, education, achievements and so on. The strategy is same like any company or ad companies use to sell the product or brand.

The next question could be, How could one do this? The series will bring you solutions to such questions. In the next series we will try to identified, what you want, what is your goal – this will help us to focus. This will also help us explore the companies that meet your goals. From this you can prepare a list of top five employer or more in case you need to. This research will help to understand the skills requirements. The idea behind this to promote yourself and tell the contributions you could do to them. It could be possible that you could rejected from top 5 list employer, don’t give up! Go for the next list and continue the search.

Do write to us in case you would like to know more about the present article? We wish you a great weekend!


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