Tata Motors’ Nano – Team Work

The team behind the building the Nano is ‘Girish Wagh and team’, the team consisted of 500 engineers. During unveiling ceremony of the dream car, Ratan Tata called Girish Wagh on dias near the car to acknowledge his team effort. During the ceremony, Girish Wagh, the leader of the Tata Motors engineers, repeatedly used two words to describe what enabled them to turn Ratan Tata’s dream in reality. It was ‘Team work… team work… team work.’


3 thoughts on “Tata Motors’ Nano – Team Work

  1. Why Girish developed Cable clutch in NANO. Cable clutch can fail without giving any warning of any sort. Like it happened with me. While driving my new NANO, suddenly the clutch became rock hard and I could not change gear as could not press clutch. The workshop guys say that no body can predict when it will fail. This kind of clutch is used in scooter. While all other cars use oil based clutch where you come to know if clutch is failing .The NANO cable clutch is dangerous.

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