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On Dec 1, World AIDS Day at Vijayapura, Karnataka
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Energetic Editor & Real Rajashree Ghosh

Today we have an energetic editor, a mother, working woman and wonderful personality – Mrs. Rajashree Ghosh for an interview. 

  • Let me start with an interesting question of self-concept, who is Rajashree Ghosh?

Rajashree is life; a small part of the big journey and I have a long way to travel… I am a nomad at heart, a non-conformist of many rules, a romantic at heart and I mostly look for self-motivation when I am down because if I think I can, I probably can. At times when I’m the underdog, I still prepare a victory speech. After all, you never know when I get to use it!

  • I see that you have interest in reading, editing and partially writing, what fascinates you among three and why?

All three actually as all are unique in their own way and gives me immense pleasure and helps me to challenge myself and broaden my horizon so that I can push my own boundaries.

  • If you have to redo choice of life, what you would like to?

Would love to travel the world and be a travel writer!

  • How was your experience of editing Black, Grey and White; Title is Untitled; Umbilical Cord; She: Ekla Cholo Re and yet to launch book, He Who Dreams?

It was a pleasure editing different books that belong to different genre. I always look forward to the next book wondering what it has in store – the very fact that I would be the first person to unravel it gives me sheer pleasure!

  • Which one is your favorite? Why?

I liked all the books as each one is different from the other.

  • I understand that you are a full time wife to your hubby, full time mother to Hiya and also has devoted your time to your work as a writer/ editor. What do you think that mothers who otherwise feel stuck in the four walls should do?

Don’t feel claustrophobic without trying to find your own calling! Be the ‘queen’ of your life and continue to be the rolling stone that gathers no moss. It may not be easy always but it’s not impossible. I too have my days when I feel ‘stuck’ but I know it’s up to me to find inspiration and move on. Please don’t give up without trying and learn from your children how to enjoy life!


She can be contacted : Rajashree Ghosh

Co-author of ‘She: Ekla Cholo Re’ Note

SHEAn idea could trigger off to become a book She: Ekla Cholo Re is still amusing to us! It has been a great journey of writing a story that is often ‘unsaid, presented in a face-lift way’! The book is set to launch on 24 Oct 2015. We also like to thank you all for the promising reviews and feedback! We are trying to evolve and seek your guidance to do so! Dr. Shayan Haq (author of She) has been instrumental in bringing the story in a harmonious way. His childhood experience at Bengal was handy in picking the scenarios. Rajashree Ghosh editor of ‘She’ gave a patient hearing on the idea initially and the story latter. She gave a Midas Touch to bring right Bengali context in the missing parts of the story. Authors’ take this opportunity to thank her for the contribution! I personally feel She: Ekla Cholo Re would be a worth a thing to ponder over after the quick read!

Blurb: Set in the backdrop of 1990 Calcutta, She is a story about finding one’s own identity in spite of all odds. The story spins around the life of Kusum, a brave heart whose identity is often untitled and blurred; it does not belong anywhere, definitely not under the ‘he’ or ‘she’ bracket, thanks to our social conditioning. Will she be successful in her mission? Find out in She, an utterly absorbing read that derives inspiration from Tagore’s “Ekla Cholo Re” song, which urges everyone to move on despite the fear of abandonment from others.

Author of Title is Untitled ; Black, Grey and White ; Surrogate Author ; Umbilical Cord ; Second Heart


“She is one of the finest book to read” – Sujeeth Kumar, Project Manager, MNC Bengaluru 

“A story often untold. Appreciate the team for presenting She in the best possible harmonious way!” – N K Narasimhan, CEO and Co-Founder, Nascor Technologies, Bengaluru 

“Don’t miss the ending!” – Raghunath Babu Are, Employee at Microsoft, Bengaluru

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Black Grey and White Book Reviews

Book launch of BGW
Book launch of BGW

Great job done by both the authors, it’s a must read book, especially for the today’s youth, who takes sex in a liberal way. It’s an eye opening book. For Further reading visit here – Foundation of Joy

Vikalp Trivedi rated a book 4 of 5 stars

In India AIDS is not only a disease but a social problem . In our country if anyone is infected by AIDS makes that person a social pariah irrespective of what was the behind the infaction . The reason of people get victimised by this deadly disease is lack of awareness and somewhere the overconservative thinking of our nation is highly responsible for this. It is not a topic on which we should remain quite we should talk about it , we should be aware about it . Here in this book the authors have done a commendable job to spread awareness about AIDS through the short stories . The stories not only focuses on the awareness of the disease but also on the social perspectives and even myths related to the disease (in story – 1, Shahid – The Martyr). All the stories have same agenda with different social backgrounds and different takes on AIDS . A really great book and a book needed to be read .

Shwetha H S rated a book 4 of 5 stars

This book is a good attempt at bringing awareness in our society, which still behaves primitively when it comes to being around HIV infected people, by trying to burst the myth around it. You read it or gift it to someone. Help in raising awareness about HIV.
Other Review: Rajashree Ghosh ; Shilpa Patil ; Md. Ishaq ; Jayasree ; Pradeep T ; NandhiniBookReview ; Jyothi Byahatti ;  Nishitha

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Author’s other writings are – The Departing Point I Black, Grey and White I Surrogate Author I Be a B.A. IGet a Job WITHOUT an Interview I Adhuri Prem Kahaniya I Second Heart I Dear Wife, Your Husband is not a Superhero I Title is Untitled

Black, Grey & White book review by Reader’s Muse

‘Reading this will change your outlook on a lot of issues.’

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Black, Grey and White Book Cover
Black, Grey and White Book Cover

Other Review: Rajashree Ghosh ; Shilpa Patil ; Md. Ishaq ; Jayasree ; Pradeep T ; NandhiniBookReview

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Interview with Blogger: Blogger1Blogger 2Blogger 3

Media: Link

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Author’s other writings are – The Departing Point I Black, Grey and White I Surrogate Author I Be a B.A. IGet a Job WITHOUT an Interview I Adhuri Prem Kahaniya I Second Heart I Dear Wife, Your Husband is not a Superhero

Black, Grey & White – Book with a cause

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Review: Rajashree Ghosh ; Shilpa Patil ; Md. Ishaq

Buy your personal copy: Link 1Link 2 ; Link 3 ; Link 4

Media: Link

Techgoss Coverage : Link

Authors other writings are – Black, Grey and White I Surrogate Author I Be a B.A.IGet a Job WITHOUT an Interview I Adhuri Prem Kahaniya I Second Heart I Dear Wife, Your Husband is not a Superhero Title is Untitled

Black, Grey and White Book Review by Rajashree Ghosh


Black, Grey & White by Santosh Avvannavar and Santosh I Biradar gifts its readers five fantastic short stories that has a common aim – to spread awareness about AIDS, the current social dilemma. It is an opportunity for people to unite in the fight against AIDS and show their solidarity for HIV positive people. AIDS is still considered a social stigma in some pockets. No one is spared from it – whether its young (black hair) or mid (grey hair) or old (white hair). The book is an eye opener for anyone who wish to see the wave of positive change in society.

For further reading: Rajashree Ghosh Blog

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