HOL(Y)ISTIC: What parents want?

Anuradha Singh & Santosh Avvannavar in conversation with Champa Saha. In Part 1, Champa Saha share on reasons that parents rely and look up to schools for their child’s holistic development.

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Women Out of Work!

How many times have we thought about women who are out of work because of one of the reasons like marriage, relocation, childbirth and caring for the elderly? Do we have same question for men? Often career gaps are out of limited choices thrown over women by men. In turn we honor them with a badge of ‘Sacrifice’. Are we OK with such inequalities? Never ending tough questions we open up in a first series – Women, Career, Restart- Stay Relevant with Rajashree Ghosh. By education she holds Post Graduate in English Literature, she has worked as a content writer before she took a break from a job. She lives in Bengaluru, Karnataka with her husband and two lovely kids.  

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Kaar Technologies Interview – Alex Jeeva

Dear Readers, Today we have ever active Alex Jeeva, a campus recruited candidate. He is here to share his experience on Kaar Technologies campus drive, how this success meant a lot to him.

(Interviewer is the CEO of QtSTEAMhttp://www.youtube.com/QtSTEAM ; Mentor QtPi Robotics & author of She: Ekla Cholo Re ; BUGman ; He Who Dreams)

Mr Alex Jeeva

Interviewer: Good evening Mr. Alex, tell us about yourself!

Alex:  I’m from Tirpur and presently pursuing final year B.Tech CSE. My short term goal was to find an opportunity to explore a role (job) that would help in utilising my skills to benefit the organisation. And my long term goal is to become a well renowned person in the respective field. I see myself as a honest, adaptable and a good team member. I try to view things positively. Apart from technical and academics; cricket, badminton and listening to music is something I enjoy on regular basis. I have a younger sister pursuing 12th standard and mother taking care of business and family.

Interviewer: Interesting to know that you enjoy multitasking. Let’s move to our next question, why did you choose to apply for Kaar Technologies?

Alex: (Thinks and smiles) I see that the future depends on integrating things which could make objects/system accessible in easiest and effective way. Kaar Technologies is an SAP based software company whose clients are from across the globe. They provide business solutions and make their task easier. This idea of making human effort easier to contribute larger to the society made me choose Kaar. I also think SAP domain is lucrative from a career perspective.

Interviewer: Your views are interesting! What were the different rounds conducted?

Alex: Rounds were Aptitude, GD, Technical cum HR and final round with the Delivery Head of the unit. The aptitude round consisted of 60 questions that had logical, quantitative and business english. I assume about 25% were applicants were shortlisted. The next round was GD with 7 or 8 members in the group. The topic was related to ‘Jio’. The next rounds were stressful because of the continual questions with limited scope to think or to react on the responses/ feedback. The final round was about 50 minutes with interesting scenario thrown to present ideas/views. For example, ‘if you were a team lead and need to answer a client in absence of delivery head on the postponement of the project, how would you handle?’ ; Tell me about SAP, Kaar and its competitors? ; Tell me about your native place.

Mr Alex Jeeva

Interviewer: What is/are your take away from the process?

Alex: It was a good experience interacting the members. I realised that more the questions came, self confidence was getting better. A good preparation on resume and answering the scenarios in best possible way at moment worked it for me.

Interviewer: What are your suggestions for future aspirants?

Alex: Being aware of things happening across the globe and presence of mind could make difference to one during recruitment. Learning beyond academics seemed to have paid for me and I believe it will be others as well. Being confident to express oneself because ‘you know yourself better.’

Interviewer: Thank you Alex for sharing your insights. I hope it will help the readers and aspirants. Wishing you a great life and career with Kaar Technologies.

Alex: (smiles) Thank you too!

Kaar Technologies Interview Experience : Savitha

Dear Readers, Today we have silent & smiling Savitha Babu, a campus recruited candidate. She is here to share her experience on Kaar Technologies campus drive.

(Interviewer is the CEO of QtSTEAMhttp://www.youtube.com/QtSTEAM ; Mentor QtPi Robotics & author of She: Ekla Cholo Re ; BUGman ; He Who Dreams)

Interviewer: Good evening Ms. Savitha, tell us about yourself!

Savitha: I’m from Ooty studying final year Information Technology. My strengths are – I’m a self-motivated person, adaptable, and friendly in nature. My short-term goal was to get placed in a reputed organisation where I have an opportunity to perform and improve skills sets. The long term goal is to set a benchmark to excel in the chosen area. I believe in , ‘never neglect any right opportunity that would hone the skills for a better tomorrow.’

Interviewer: Some interesting beliefs and goals. Let’s move to our next question, why did you choose to apply for Kaar Technologies?


Savitha:  Kaar Technologies is a one of global consulting firm which is purely a SAP solution provider. SAP helps several businesses to manage and its promising scope has lead me to apply for the position.

Interviewer: Seems a good roadmap. What were the different rounds conducted?

Savitha: The process was spread over several weeks-

Round 1 was an online test that consisted of Logical reasoning and Business English aptitude questions.

Round 2 was a group discussion on a general topic

Round 3 was technical/ HR round. It was a stress interview round similar like rapid fire round. (smiles)

Round 4 was a discussion with delivery head. Though the round seemed general but I think they were projecting the candidates prospectus for future.

Some of the questions are asked were –

Why should I hire you? ; What do you know about SAP? ; Write a program to swap two numbers without using temporary variable. ; If your posting is in Iraq, how do you planning to cope up with the environment conditions? ; We don’t provide cab facilities, how would you manage to commute? ; How long will you work for the company? ; Do you have any plan for higher education?  ; Which is favourite subject? ; What are routing algorithms? ; What is routing? ; What are your hobbies?

Interviewer: What is/are your take away from the process?

Savitha: It was a good experience. Regular aptitude practice actually helped me as the questions were lengthy that would require at least two minutes to read/understand throughly. Assessor for GD were in opinion to provide a topic that everyone agrees to see a discussion taking forward. There were two topics given one after the other. The topics were, ‘Whether social network is a boon or bane.’ and ‘Clean India is individual aspect or a government aspect.’ Both the times I initiated the discussion and I think its seen positive while marking.

Stress interview seemed to stress because one of the interviewee tried to bring the moral low by axing the views/answers.

Interviewer: What are your suggestions for future aspirants?

Savitha: Stay clam and composed in each round. Treat each person as potential interviewer.

Interviewer: Thank you Savitha for sharing your insights. I hope it will help the readers and aspirants. Wishing you a great life and career with Kaar Technologies.

Savitha: (smiles) Thank you and it was pleasure answering the questions.

CTS Career – A Little Push: Interview with Priscilla Florence Persis. S

Dear Readers, Today we have pleasant Priscilla Florence Persis. S, campus hired & employee at CTS. She is here to share her experience on CTS campus drive and career ahead.

(Interviewer is the author of She: Ekla Cholo Re & BUGman)

photoInterviewer: Good morning Priscilla. Tell us about yourself.

Priscilla: Good morning ! I hold a graduate degree with IT as a specialisation. I’m presently working at Cognizant Technology Solutions (CTS), Chennai from 28 June 2016. I have two elder sisters and one elder brother. Being the youngest, I was pampered and motivation to be self-reliant came because of my sisters. One of them is HR and another one is a Project Manager. While pursuing Bachelors degree my sisters persuaded me to take up Java certification courses. After being on board at CTS I realised the importance of little push my sisters gave to complete Java courses. It’s easy to give up! (smiles)

Interviewer: Yes, I agree with you on that ‘little push’. Let’s move to our next question, why did you choose to apply for CTS?

Priscilla: Initially, I didn’t choose but rather it choose it (laughs). Just kidding! I had over 25 rejections with three offers from start-ups in between these rejections. I was never to settle for anything less hence the hunt continued. CTS was my 26th drive. I saw several rejections because of two reasons – firstly I perceived aptitude doesn’t need training but rejections from first few companies for inability to clear aptitude test was a good indicator to rework. And, secondly I took training to equip from training staff and faculty of department.

Interviewer: Yes, I also believe that training wouldn’t make you a bad person. Your persistence effort has paid off. What were the different rounds conducted?

Priscilla: (smiles) Yes, I agree. There were four rounds.

  1. Group Discussion
  2. Aptitude
  3. Technical Interview
  4. HR

I was fairly good at technical courses but aptitude need that ‘little push’. Department of training and IT were very helpful.

Interviewer: That ‘little push’ seem to have worked. What is/are your take away from the process?

Priscilla: I realised that training and self-mode preparation could actually make difference to one’s success. I wish never to neglect any sort of learning in near future.

Interviewer: What are your suggestions for future aspirants?

Priscilla: ‘Making Mandatory brings discipline and makes life easier.’ Training and continuous learning is the way to career development. Because companies are focused on their requirements. People with good programming, logical and analytical skills will always have opportunities. Lately companies are looking for self-mode preparation people  during training period. There might not be trainers for every component of technologies. One would need to study new framework by themselves. It’s going to be very competitive and challenging! (smiles)

Interviewer: Thank you Priscilla for sharing some interesting insights on changing paradigm. I hope it will help the readers and aspirants. Wishing you a great life and career with CTS.

Priscilla: (smiles) Thank you too!

Hope is Happy


(This picture was sent by a student to help in writing for TechMahindra picture assessment round. Writer, Santosh Avvannavar has made one possible attempt of describing the picture. He believes there could be more ways of present the picture. We would be happy to see your stories too!)

Hope is a beautiful thing to aspire. Marriage is expected to amplify this because two builds hope in moments of life. Vijay and Laxmi also expected from their married life. Vijay being ambitious guy quit lucrative career in discussion with his beloved wife to pursue a career in movies. Laxmi being a supportive wife, understood his passion quite early of few years. She always dreamt of seeing him as a superstar. Vijay’s debut film made him overnight star and journey to superstar was less than ten years. While at peak of success, Vijay had an injury. The world seem standstill for a moment. Despite the odds Laxmi tried to shield the emotions to build faith in Vijay’s life. She knew acting meant life for him. She worked diligently taking support from parents, friends and kept hope to his fans. She wrote a script along with other famous writer keeping Vijay’s situation into mind. The movie showed the life of an actor who didn’t give up! The movie was well received by his fans and critics. After a year Vijay was back realising the worst has passed and his family had come out stronger.

– Santosh Avvannavar

Quote is Out

Quote is Out by Santosh Avvannavar, Acclaimed Author of She: Ekla Cholo Re

Getting accepted or rejected is based on factors for a job is mere for selection and not the result. Life has bigger results awaiting to face! Face it with a smile!

Value of gold is understood in crisis than on a occasion. But the gold plays both the role reminding its significance. We yet times need to value and de-value to understand and appreciate significance of several things.

If you are excited of an idea that no one else, all that should matter to you is focus. Progressive thinkers are driven by their interests, not whether others are interested.

Whenever you feel low, think of someone who is inspired by you. The low will turn to high.

I’m not sure how much you were aware how I would be out of your womb. But you promised to let me see the light. Thank you Mommy!

I’m not sure how little was I that you held my hand with a promise to take care. Thank you Daddy!

I’m not sure how little one I going to be or become but you hand held me to learn and unlearn. Thank you teacher! 

I’m not sure how little knowledge I possessed in comparison to many man years experience that tall buildings speak. Thank you employer!

This little one wants to thank everyone for giving freedom to fail and rise through those sacrifices of known and unknown people. Thank you everyone!

We expect doctors to be perfect for our imperfect problem. We often forget that there is ‘I’m’ present in imperfect. This ‘I’m’ would become ‘I was’ when we don’t trust and follow doctors instruction. Can we shift this risky of holding doctors for our imperfection?

Missed opportunity 
When I fell from bicycle, I blamed the road
When I failed in test, I blamed the paper and teacher
When my marriage failed, I blamed the partner
When my career didn’t take off, I blamed the manager 
When I met an accident, I couldn’t blame anyone because someone wrote RIP! I missed an opportunity!

For several people the challenge with the dream isn’t bread & butter but the luxury.

No one can fail you but your mind can. Failures from others decision is just the evidence of their existence. Even if you feel someone has failed you, let one realise it’s a new rise. Let your mind never fail you.

Is someone whom you haven’t seen nor meet, can that person be more important than yourself? How irony I never made myself a SUPERSTAR.

Rich people have “poor problems” to deal with and poor people have “rich problems” to deal. The common things between both are the ‘problem’ and ‘hope’.