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Vishnu Prasad Sharma ki Ph.D.

Title is Untitled
Title is Untitled

(Journey of ‘Title is Untitled’ – Part 6)

This is in continuation to series of article (Read: Journey of Title is Untitled – Part 1My would be (husband) raped me!Dilwale Dulha le Jayenge , My Fantasy Boyfriend , Ek Tha Kapoor – 498a , Azad Bharath – 1957 and Sperman) to give insights for aspiring writers how the book evolved. The state of education is in interesting paradigm shift across the globe. Commercialisation, placement driven, job over career perspective has hampered over value addition and the real essence of education. The scams, corruption, malpractice, and fake degrees have continue to hit deadlines. This formed the Chapter 7 : Vishnu Prasad Sharma ki Ph.D. of the book.

Review by Parul ; Maniparna ;  Rajashree Ghosh

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