A Refreshing Read!

SHEThe book changed my mind. It changed my perspective. The author made sure to leave a deep impact on the readers’ minds. She: Ekla Cholo Re is the first book that I have read based on the story of the third gender. A refreshing read altogether. Recommending to all !!

– Asmita Das

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Why Third Gender?

“I’ve been male and I’ve been female – and female is better!” chants one well known personality after another, and all male smile and nod heads in envious agreement on ‘World Women’s Day’. But is that all there is to male or female? Is being ‘male’ or ‘female’ is more at peace or more content with life? How do you one define gender?

As I closed by last few lines of the book (She: Ekla Cholo Re), a story of identity! A story of transgender! A strong question that left me vacuum was –
What was the need to create another gender, Transgender?! 
transgenderAs transgender believe to be woman, why not put those under the same division of gender? This would have made all the ‘Transgender’s’, politically right. Right?! They could have enjoyed all the dimensions of life as the women do. Is this new division creating ‘politically potential people’ to fight for the rights that they already own from birth. Why all this confusion?

Just Born

Being just born is the best relationship moment between the mother and child. This is life’s greatest gift because it doesn’t demand explanation of oneself. There is freedom, trust, nothing is held against, not provoked and instigated, past is forgotten and future is welcome, transparent, self-image isn’t hampered, be myself. If you find one such person in life it’s your greatest gift next to the moment of just born.

– Santa Santosh Avvannavar

Author of BUGman ; She: Ekla Cholo Re & He Who Dreams


Tech Mahindra Career: Interview with Anitha A

Dear Readers, Today we have amicable Anitha A, a campus recruited candidate. She is here to share her experience on Tech Mahindra campus drive, how she succeeded and life at Tech Mahindra.

(Interviewer is the author of She: Ekla Cholo Re & BUGman)

Anitha Aruljothi

Interviewer: Welcome! Tell me about yourself ?

Anitha: Hello all, I am Anitha completed final year in 2016 from Electronics and Communication background. Currently I am working in Tech Mahindra in automotive domain. It’s been good old two months and enjoying the work environment here.

Interviewer: It’s good to hear that you are enjoying the work. Why did you choose to apply to Tech Mahindra?

Anitha: (Smiles and thinks) Initially, I was not interested to explore the career in Tech Mahindra but after some research on the profile offered; their objectives, vision and the projects that me curious and wanted to give it a try. That was how I landed up in Tech Mahindra. To be more specific this company has many verticals which means it has got different projects apart from IT domain, like Aeronautics (company has signed a pact with Russia for BOEING manufacturing as part in Make in INDIA), Mechanical domain (MAHINDRA & MAHINDRA) and various others. It’s big open ocean for several to swim (smiles).

Interviewer: What were the different rounds conducted? Could you also share your experience on training phase?

Anitha: Ya sure! Apart from the initial interview process which is being conducted every year, I would like to throw some more points on the process which are followed after getting into the company.

Firstly, in order to get early date of joining the company will send you modules containing  basic C programming, DBMS, RDBMS, Software engineering, Software testing, UNIX and HTML. A contest will be conducted at various locations and one needs to clear it in order to have advantages which would be like allocation into project at early stage itself. For those who doesn’t clear the contest has to undergo initial training from beginning which was specified in the modules along with extra algorithms.

Secondly, they may even select students based on the engineering background and provide them an opportunity to work related to that field. Before that they will conduct an interview process either one to one or through telephone.

Thirdly, one should grab the opportunity to showcase ourselves at any given point of time, you never know when it might turn out be in your favour.

Interviewer: It looks like a big contest out their to make next move. What is /are take away from the process?

Anitha: It is! I’m glad to have cleared the contest (smiles). At each stage I learnt so many things. Even during training period learnt how to utilise the time. If one wish to learn anything new should go ahead and ask people working in office for the support or help. Instead of sitting idle we could at least watch them work.

Interviewer: Any suggestions for future aspirants?

Anitha: I believe that, “No job is big or small at the end all that matters is what we have learnt, where we are, and what we will be years from now”

Interviewer: Thank you very much for the valuable time and information. Wishing you a great career ahead with Tech Mahindra. 

Anitha: Thank you too!

Pillow: My Love 


“Some disorders can be understood and can be diagnosed. 

Some disorders are understood and can be neglected. 

Some disorders are never understood and can be humiliated.” 

 My story belongs to the final one to begin. Till the age of 12 I wasn’t aware of stuttering issue or didn’t know that one who couldn’t get through a word is known as ‘stutter’. My first unforgettable experience was during my sister marriage while her in-laws made fun of me. My mother showed submissive nature rather being assertive during such occasion. But, what else she could do?

Acceptance is something that a mankind strives the entire life! To prove I’m not a stutter an opportunity knocked the door at the age of 14. I thought to be a class representative with support of three friends of a class. But my teacher declined it thinking I’m unfit to be one! How could I have explained to the teacher? But, what else the teacher could do?

Hope is something one needs to keep it alive! I fell in love with a girl at the age of 18. She avoid with the thought of knowing that if I couldn’t get through my name, how would I say three golden words, ‘I Love You’? But, what else the girlfriend could do?

A person told me, ‘Persistence pays off!’ Whenever I went out with friends for a movie? I tried to initiate the talk. Before I could get through the complete word, my friends would complete it for me. Blocking, huh?! (Taking a piece of meal from the mouth) But, what else they could do?

What else no one could do? 

My pillow did that to me! 

My pillow knows the truth. 

My tears are the witness to it! 

My pillow, My love!

My pillow knows the truth.

This was article written as the part of ‘Improvement Day Programme’ of McGuire Programme conducted by Yeshwanth Darma Dev.

Mr Karthickeyan P can be reached to know his personal experience with McGuire team: Facebook

(Writer to the piece of article is author of She: Ekla Cholo Re & BUGman)

Energetic Editor & Real Rajashree Ghosh

Today we have an energetic editor, a mother, working woman and wonderful personality – Mrs. Rajashree Ghosh for an interview. 

  • Let me start with an interesting question of self-concept, who is Rajashree Ghosh?

Rajashree is life; a small part of the big journey and I have a long way to travel… I am a nomad at heart, a non-conformist of many rules, a romantic at heart and I mostly look for self-motivation when I am down because if I think I can, I probably can. At times when I’m the underdog, I still prepare a victory speech. After all, you never know when I get to use it!

  • I see that you have interest in reading, editing and partially writing, what fascinates you among three and why?

All three actually as all are unique in their own way and gives me immense pleasure and helps me to challenge myself and broaden my horizon so that I can push my own boundaries.

  • If you have to redo choice of life, what you would like to?

Would love to travel the world and be a travel writer!

  • How was your experience of editing Black, Grey and White; Title is Untitled; Umbilical Cord; She: Ekla Cholo Re and yet to launch book, He Who Dreams?

It was a pleasure editing different books that belong to different genre. I always look forward to the next book wondering what it has in store – the very fact that I would be the first person to unravel it gives me sheer pleasure!

  • Which one is your favorite? Why?

I liked all the books as each one is different from the other.

  • I understand that you are a full time wife to your hubby, full time mother to Hiya and also has devoted your time to your work as a writer/ editor. What do you think that mothers who otherwise feel stuck in the four walls should do?

Don’t feel claustrophobic without trying to find your own calling! Be the ‘queen’ of your life and continue to be the rolling stone that gathers no moss. It may not be easy always but it’s not impossible. I too have my days when I feel ‘stuck’ but I know it’s up to me to find inspiration and move on. Please don’t give up without trying and learn from your children how to enjoy life!


She can be contacted : Rajashree Ghosh

Mani & Tamilmani

A man clad in dothi, turban with an umbrella in hand knocks a door and asks for, “Good morning, My name is Mr Narasimhaswamy, can I see Mr Mani?”

The man at the door step in a simplest attire says, “Good morning sir, I’m Mani. Please come inside, it’s hot out there. How can I help you?”

“I’m teacher and new principal to your son Tamilmani”, says Narasimhaswamy relaxing in an arm chair

“Oh! We are blessed to have you here. I could have come to receive at bus stop if I was aware. My apology”, says Mani offering a tumbler of water

“I wanted to check if you’re are open to join the school as a student. Whenever I inquired about you to your son on various things for example, did you write a letter to your parents? A quick reply was, ‘Sir, they don’t understand?’ I felt as he would grow ‘knowledge’ would apart both.” Says Narasimhaswamy

Mani listens patiently and requests for few hours before he could broad bus with him. He expresses interest and promises to return at the earliest. Principal was surprised to see his eagerness to join the school. Principal enjoys great hospitality at his home but Mani arrives late than promised.

Mani rushes home with apologetic gesture for delay and requests Mr Narasimhaswamy to forgive. Being seated at bus stop to catch the last bus that has got delayed to arrive due to technical reasons. In the wait, Narasimhaswamy opens the talk, “If you don’t mind, may I know, why you agreed to join school?”

Mani replies in a humble tone, “I couldn’t study because of priority and poverty. However, I would like to thank my parents for giving values through their own ways. In order to quest my hunger of learning, granny use to narrate stories, sing songs. My father taught me new ways of cultivating the land. My mother taught me and my newly wed wife on using available resources to manage home. My friends like me who couldn’t go to school worked on brining community together. I created my own world in others.”

Listening closely to Mani’s words Narasimhaswamy asks, where did you go leaving me at your home?

“I had promised to help a family today, my friend wife is in her trimester. She was to be taken to hospital that 20km away from here. It’s first child for them and they are excited about it. Here we try to live as one family. Then I had to convince my wife and promised to take her with me. I inquired if she is interested in joining school. She felt ashamed with a thought of sitting on a bench. Then I had to hand over the remaining work to others. Hence there was delay in my return.

In meanwhile the bus arrived, both hurried to the door.

Narasimhaswamy held Mani by shoulder and said, “I can only provide knowledge to your son but the real experience lies here, in your village. I would like to send your son and urge others to visit your village during vacation. Share your experience that is going to add value, love, humility and honour to his present and future. You don’t need schooling!”

– Santosh Avvannavar, Author of She: Ekla Cholo Re