Writing of ‘Get a Job WITHOUT an Interview – Google & Beyond’ Book – Part 2

Get a Job WITHOUT an Interview
Get a Job WITHOUT an Interview

In the part 1 I discussed about the beginning of idea (incase you missed to read – Part 1). I spoke to most of the students who went through various rounds of interviews to get insights from recruiter perspective that be a technical test, technical interview, case based interviews, group discussion and HR interviews. I tried to connect those points to the job description and role projection after several years. This analogy seemed to me a short-term objective the way students prepared for campus recruitment and similar thing from hiring perspective. Even today it continue to remain same across many industries. I call it as ‘Pain-Oientiment’ relationship.

This exercise to put those points took almost two years. This has continue to remain on board for refinement to help for interview preparation in the present and future writings.

In the next article I will present how Indian marriages has helped the first chapter to shape and happen.

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To know more about the book: Book launch by CEO’s I Einstein Story & Book

The first copy of the book was opened by Dr.Meena R Chandavarkar, Vice Chancellor, Karnataka State Women’s University, Bijapur. The book launch activity was held at Cuppa Koramangala, Bengaluru – the launch was done by N K Narasimhan,CEO and Founder, Nascor Technologies (former employee of Yahoo!, Sun Microsystem, L&T),Bengaluru; Darshan, Businessman; Philip K, Franchise owner of Cuppa Koramangala, Bengaluru attended by motivators (friends).

A copy of book was presented to Mr.Suresh Narasimha, CEO and Founder, TeliBraham,Bengaluru

A review from blogger Book review
What industry people say:
1. A book for career over job preparation. – N. K. Narasimhan, Co-founder, Nascor Group, India (former employee of Yahoo!, Sun Microsystem and L&T)
2. Good Beginners book for IT aspirants and professionals. – Ashwin, Ex-Yahoo! and Flipkart Employee
3. A book for greater success not shortcut success. – Shivaleela, Principal Consultant
4. A great handbook for ‘Hiree’ and ‘Hirees’. – Bharath Ambrose, Corporate HR
5. Must buy for all IT aspirants! – S. Kumar, Project Manager, IT Product Company
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