Ideal Organisational Culture

A question about your organizational culture is perhaps is new to many or tricky for others. One got to be open and honest here. If the culture’s not right, one will eventually hate the job. The compatibility is important.

Bureaucratic vs. meritocratic and open: If one needs to go from level 3 to level 4 a minimum of 6 years contribution is needed or qualification is a criteria. The openness tends to go with meritocratic.

Internal vs. external focus: Does the organisation plans by thinking abot what the external customer wants or plans dictated by the level above you.

Quality or Cost balance: Does one wants work at Google or a company that increases its efficiency so much that they can offer good products to customers or a mass market?

Freedom vs. process and control: Are you comfortable in an organization that lets you know precisely where you are and what is your sphere of operation and influence will be. or Do you like to spot an opportunity, go for it and ask permission afterwards?

Fun vs. serious: Does your organisation take less serious themselves.

Open vs. closed communication: Does your organisation gives a lot of information to wider people, or do they inform to only needed people?

Team vs. individual: Does the organisation operate through its teams, or through its individuals?

My Valentine Teachers

I will be Happy. This assumes to be true what Abhraham Lincoln said, that ‘Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be”.

Lord Make us an instrument of thy peace. Where there is hatred, let us sow love; Where there is injury; pardon; where there is doubt, faith; Where there is despair, hope; Where there is darkness, light, and Where there is sadness, joy.

God bless you all!

Salman Khan’s 2002 hit-and-run case

There are constant speculation on decision of Salman Khan’s 2002 hit-and-run case, various media aired with their perspective. I bring my perspective on this –

It has been a decade on the decision, one need to look into his past history. If they weigh larger, a decision has to be re-looked. Perhaps this one of the reason that judgement is generally levied late. As the constitution of any country is made by people like us. As he is a celebrity, the punishment could be asking the person to contribute ‘N-fold’ in some area of the person ability rather than imprisonment. If we look into the reason behind punishment is to review a person and make them to lead a better life.

What are your perspective?

Instructions: Do you prefer rule book?

One of the person said, I dislikes while the manager gives instructions at all the times. Yes, there are people in any organisations, who likes to be given objectives and tasks that are expected to be well explained at the outset and others not. They will get on with it and deliver. This kind of question the interviewers are checking if you are a team player. They can ask this question in various guises. For example, ‘How do you get on with your current boss?’

I see that if the instructions can help the objective (not individual’s) of the company to be met, it is worth to look. The challenges in this situations is the ego satisfaction.

We hope you enjoyed reading, have a nice weekend! God be with you all!