Assets: Teacher and Student

Father's DayMaking an asset for their own children is relatively easier than making them as an asset is bit of many things like patience, motivation and consistency.
My son’s Vignan curious mind had fetched him laurels for his efforts, teachers motivation and parents contribution. His visit to NASA for winning an international trophy for a project Aresam: The Gateway to Mars. Post XIIth standard he opted to study at Standford University for Bachelor’s degree. During application processing, he was asked to fill an application, which teacher inspired him the most? I’m sure all the students who joins Stanford would have mentioned their favourite teacher name. There is definitely no surprise with such question in a form. During his summer break Vignan came to India. Because of the attachment with the school and teacher, he went to meet them. His favourite teacher was in tears in seeing him. He wondered, what could be the matter for the tears to trickle?
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Solapur Railway Station

Bombay was a city that I loved to visit twice a year, during Diwali & Summer vacations. I loved Bombay because of two reasons – firstly, my dear grandma pampered me with chats and yummy handmade pickles and kindness. Secondly, it was a family visit and I looked forward to such visits as a child. There is also a third factor that left a scar on my young heart but with time, I accepted it.

To reach Bombay, we had to take a connecting train from Solapur Junction. There was a waiting time of 2-3 hours before we could board the train. While waiting, my mother would pull me, my brother and dad to talk a man. The man was of similar age of dad and wore thick moustache. He would welcome us with warm smile. The interaction between the man and my mother lasted not more than fifteen minutes. In each talk, I heard them inviting each other to their home. But the invitation just remained in words.

As I grew up and gained maturity, I inquired about the man to my dad. What I heard from my dad left me into sea of surprise.Strange

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Last House (Kademane)

Horror/Thriller movies gives goosebumps inspite people seated around you. This journey of fear is seem fascinating! No wonder movies like The Conjuring 2, Lights Out, Phobia, Devi, Raaz Reboot and others have continued to succeed in box office and win viewers heart.


On June 7, Kademane (Last House) a Kannada movie had its first clapboard. Story, Screenplay and Direction is from a passionate newbie Mr. Vinay. The hero who seem to have a playful role is Mr. Yuvaraj. The creative team consists of Madhusudhan, Shivaraju, Naveen N G, Arun, Gopi Ukkar, Sampath, Ravishankar, Naveenraj Mysore, P. R.O Nagendra, Thriller Manju, Dhanajaya and others. The film is produced under Keerthana Creations by Sri. Mrs. Sujatha Nandan, Tumkur.

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– by Santosh Avvannavar, Author of She: Ekla Cholo Re

Something is Smoking

I hold you but you burn irrespective of being under my control

You don’t last making me last little less longer

You desire to be burnt but I desire to burn my moment

But I am actually burning more than a moment

Did you win or did I loose?

Are you holding me or Am I holding you?


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