Tu Hai Mera Raanjhanaa


I was surprised after hearing a story three weeks ago on ‘Love and Marry One Person’ from a friend of mine. This is called as ‘strong commitment’ and this is project in a well written script by Himanshu Sharma and directed by Anand L. Rai. One way it might be a nice feeling of having ‘Raanjhanaa’ like ‘Kundan’ (played by Dhanush) and soft corner for the preference of life asked by ‘Zoya’ (played by Sonam). Perhaps there are many Raanjhanaa in this world as Zoya’s are indecisive in expectations at times.

What kind of Raanjhanaa do you want?

Image taken from moviemasti9.com for illustration purpose only.

Trust: More Valuable Than Ever

Find an interesting article of Joel Peterson –

I’ve been surprised to find that the smart, idealistic business school students I teach at Stanford are more wary now than ever before. And perhaps they’re right to be.

Trust is a scarce commodity these days. Government leaders seem to prefer name-calling, spinning, and playing political “chicken” to actually getting things done. The near collapse of our financial system brought about “Occupy Wall Street”, a movement that embodied the skepticism some feel about private enterprise in the U.S. As more people feel alienated from each other over perceived differences in class, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation or political philosophy, problems become magnified until they start to appear intractable.

For further reading visit http://www.forbes.com/sites/joelpeterson/2012/11/27/trust-more-valuable-than-ever/