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How An IT Employees Manage Bengaluru Traffic?

RJ Santosh Avvannavar – Geeta, Sachin Kodagali And Henrich P

Communication that is often miscommunicated @TEDxSIESGST

The way we speak often tends to be misinterpreted, and hence has adverse effects on our relationships. This miscommunication can be solved using simple remedies.

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My first and new show as RJ ☺️Listen to Sachin Kodagali at Bengaluru first Community Radio talking about Careers in IT and experience of an author. He has over decade experience working at Microsoft and Yahoo! Stay Active and listen to Radio Active CR 90.4 🤗

Santa Santosh Avvannavar, CCO, QtPi Robotics I Author I TEDx Organiser and 7 time TEDx Speaker I Softskills Trainer I RJ at Radio Active CR 90.4