Real Queen: Phiona Mutesi

This year my best movies so far have been: ‘The man who knew infinity’ (story of mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan) based on a book written by Robert Kanigel; ‘Race’ (story of an African-American athlete) & ‘Queen of Katwe’ (extraordinary dream of a girl to be a grandmaster) based on a book written by Tim Crothers. The common strings in these movies/stories: poverty, struggle, desire not to settle for less than being a champion, coach/mentor, acceptance of failure, hope for better tomorrow.

Real Queen

This is first time in my life I clapped at the end of the movie! For me ‘Queen of Katwe’ is a real queen. I’m very grateful the script was in the right hand (Mira Nira). I have seen her magical hands earlier and she has done it again much larger than one could ask for. Madam, are you listening, eh?

I inspired five aspiring students to watch ‘Queen of Katwe’, the five students Divesh (aspiring to be a naval officer); Yeshwanth (aspiring for hiring education to contribute to the society); Ganesh (wants to be a great engineer) & other two are in the process of overcoming stutters with help of McGuire programme.

(Writer to the piece of the above article is the author of She: Ekla Cholo Re & BUGman)