Learning to Learn

When people come together with several goals together and a teacher/trainer need to prepare one common goal keep all those goals into consideration yields an interesting outcome. This romance of learning that happened on Monday & Tuesday.

Poor Placement Officer

I wonder on the changing paradigm shift in placement. The poor placement officer are held responsible for placement results. If one ask if that isn’t the responsibility who held such positions? This is something we all need to talk about. The uncertain answer is due to the feeling that I (and Dr Meena Chandavarkar) tried to talk on this topic in the book ‘Umbilical Cord‘, cord 11, Poor P-Officer.

We tried to reason out that the, ‘We define our success rate by keeping a gun on others shoulders’ has created weaker society through such process in the name of opportunity.

Is it responsibility or something that we are missing to understand the role of placement officer. What do you think?


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How often have I felt good about: myself and what I stood for? This question I often ask myself after every tasks to introspect. Somethings are undone but somethings can be done! These undone things have taught me through doing possible things that the root to become more assertive is to increase self-esteem. The low of self-esteem have brought low in confidence, beliefs and values. This in turn seem to have been hard in convincing others. A class for MBA 2nd semester began with this introduction. A short exercise was provided to check ‘how high is the self-esteem?’, this brought out the possibility of beginning to the importance of self-esteem. This was followed by set to activity that would lead to understand the possible way to measure the self-esteem using a case of Jimmy and Joe. The case brought some key points like :

  • Negative forces is the root to low self-esteem. Identification would be the first step!
  • Did this force affect the quality life that one could afford? If yes, what do we do?
  • Did this force inhibit in forming an ambitions? If yes, how do we overcome this inhibition?

These questions were pondered over a brief moment with exercises that helped in understanding the need to overcome ‘underachieve‘ and ‘exercising true potential‘.

This was followed by understanding the best way to present ‘Life Image as You!’ through a case of Peter and Mary who vouch for their candidate and Michael has to make a decision in picking based on the 360 degree view. As one rejection and acceptance will need Michael to explain his employees the reasons behind selection. This looked tricky to students as understand, why Michael choose one over the other? The case was not about just choosing but able to looking into the issue much larger than required.

Session ended with several fun-filled activities and a photo to cheer!


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Be a B.A book is Recommended by Mridul Gupta, Management Consultant, Accenture Management Consulting, CCBA, IIBA. And Foreworded by Prof. Meena R Chandawarkar, Vice Chancellor Karnataka State Women’s University, Bijapur, India.

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