A Journey of Hope

Things change and a constant change is perhaps part of life. For example, we had thick friend(s) and now someone else occupied the void space over a period of time. When I stood on the stage to deliver the talk, for a moment all the past incidents went as a blink. I remembered the saying of my father ‘Earn people rest is assured’; Grandpa saying ‘If you die in the course of making others life beautiful and hopeful – you will remain solider in my eyes’. It looks all people around me are pushing me to reach the purpose of God. I trust in ‘HIM’ and would begin this beautiful journey of hope with more hope. Thank you all for your prayers.God be with you always.

Hope is Hopeful and Wonderful

As a child, we all have aspirations and expected to continue to have (it does decline or become content). Lets consider an example, as a child I dreamt to visit London bridge and sing a rhyme, ‘London bridge is falling down’ I perhaps did it after a decade. The aspiration might have tried to change because of perception of reaching London bridge –

How will I go?
Who will finance?
Where will I stay?
Is it going to be too cold?
Will I get to have vegetarian food?

I started finding answers for W’s and H’s questions and broke the perception. The day came to visit London and the aspiration looked simple, with perception of achievable and reality was near my eyes – ‘London Bridge’. Never get bog down with any others aspirations, people might try to break your aspirations by creating a perception and reality will remain unreal.

The article is a simple analogy of having hope, trust me ‘Hope is hopeful and wonderful’.

Uncommon and Common: Universal Rule

Have you ever wondered many common situations, behaviors and things become uncommon at or any time. Lets look into few examples –

Death – The kind of common man death has no value in many countries.The scary moments of blasts across many countries and loss associated has become common.
Love – Today they are in love, tomorrow they hate each others.Common ‘love’ has become uncommon ‘love-hate’.
Relationship – It was commonly seen that Indian family were nuclear one’s, now they are nuclei, it was common to see big fat family and perhaps its uncommon now.
Friends – Do you recall the send-off day of school or college? People sob, make promises, take pics, fights and fight for same tiffin box and many other pranks.The common, has become uncommon.
Meetings – Perhaps you met people at a common place for all day to day work, it will perhaps not exist tomorrow. The common place of meeting will tend to become uncommon.

It is universal rule that, constant changes are important. Does it mean that common things should become uncommon?

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illogical and logical ‘Values’

In academic set up getting the right answer is enough to score. Unfortunately this doesn’t apply to real life because values are involved. Values are part of thinking, as it involves other people. It may be illogical for one and logical for another as these values may be unacceptable or acceptable for people.

Lets consider few examples –

Widening of roads in various parts of a city. Let us look at the people and value involved.

The shop keepers will lose land are not happy.
The neighbours who are separated are not happy.
The roads closer to residence means more noise pollution and danger to children.
Those who ply on these roads will be delighted to be able to drive in more quickly and might be safer.
Dealers can seller more vehicles because of good roads.
People can sell their houses for higher price than before.

I am not saying the situation is complex but it does involve different values for different people. It might be good for one and bad for another. This boils down to two important questions –
a. What are the values involved in thinking about something?
b. Who is affected by the values?

Reel and Real: A Way of Thinking

I wondered as a child, why do teachers asks me to think and react on the homework and classwork? This is quite a common and practical method of teaching. It didn’t seem real to me. I do understand its not practical to a student to go out and start a business or solve a reel or real life problems. I fond it strange to react to already existing information. I wish there were more thinking problems were taught and I did see that happening at high school, college (to a higher degree) and work – the real life demands pro-active thinking. This made me and I understand to most of us, to go out and doing things. We have little information and need to find ourselves. Some of us have missed ‘Spoon feeding’, contrary growing and eat is challenging rather than just eating at a hotel.

I am not here to debate or prove the kind of thinking taught at school is wrong, but limiting that is sufficient is definitely a wrong.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article, we welcome your views and suggestion. Thank you for encouragement and support!