Tech Mahindra Interview: Karthikeyan N

image-19Dear Readers, Today we have Kool Karthikeyan, a campus recruited candidate. He is here to share his experience on Tech Mahindra campus drive, how he succeeded.

(Interviewer is the author of She: Ekla Cholo Re & BUGman)

Interviewer: Good evening Mr. Karthikeyan! Tell me about yourself ?

Karthikeyan: Good evening. I’m from Sengunther and did my Higher Sr from home town. My father is a businessman and mother is a homemaker. I’m presently pursing final semester EIE. Along with academics, I participate in several co-curriclar activities. I have won third prize in a National Level project event. My hobby is listening to music and fond of Karthik (singer). My strength is self-confidence, self-motivation and quick learner.

Interviewer: Good to know about your interests. Why did you choose to apply to Tech Mahindra?

Karthikeyan: During pre-placement talk, the campus relation officer from TechM mentioned of possibility of transition from TechM to other division of Mahindra seem possible. This seemed a good opportunity to apply!

Interviewer: This is like “paying attention to details”. What were the different rounds conducted? Could you also share your experience on training phase?

Karthikeyan: Round one was aptitude test of 60 mark to be completed in 80 minutes. Time Management is a tricky option. Round two consisted of a picture that appears on screen for few moments. Then the story boarding begins in a stipulated time. The emphasis would be to write a positive story. A good hand on typing would be added advantage. Round three was Technical HR, that lasted for an hour. The question tested me on programming skills and technical questions from the favourite subjects I claimed in the resume and few from the interviewer interest. The final round was General HR, questions were mostly on general awareness like current affairs. There were hypothetical questions to seek solutions for the problems.

image-20Interviewer: It should have been a long day. What is /are take away from the process?

Karthikeyan: Knowing in what I know is good to crack an interview. Focusing on the problem to solve is more important than arguing to prove I’m right! Time Management for aptitude test and story boarding, speed typing were important and regular ready up (current affairs) did help me!

Interviewer: Any suggestions for future aspirants?

Karthikeyan: Understanding the test pattern is vital to get the objective of clearing is important. Little effort towards typing passage would make a lot of difference during real time scenario. Knowing the things mentioned in the resume and current affairs would benefit.

Interviewer: Thank you very much for the valuable time and information. Wishing you a great career ahead with TechM

Karthikeyan: Thank you too!

Why Third Gender?

“I’ve been male and I’ve been female – and female is better!” chants one well known personality after another, and all male smile and nod heads in envious agreement on ‘World Women’s Day’. But is that all there is to male or female? Is being ‘male’ or ‘female’ is more at peace or more content with life? How do you one define gender?

As I closed by last few lines of the book (She: Ekla Cholo Re), a story of identity! A story of transgender! A strong question that left me vacuum was –
What was the need to create another gender, Transgender?! 
transgenderAs transgender believe to be woman, why not put those under the same division of gender? This would have made all the ‘Transgender’s’, politically right. Right?! They could have enjoyed all the dimensions of life as the women do. Is this new division creating ‘politically potential people’ to fight for the rights that they already own from birth. Why all this confusion?

Thoughts to Lighten Up!

Incredible change happens in your life when you decide to take control of what you do have power over instead of craving control over what you don’t. Life isn’t about never making mistakes. It’s about being able to grow from the ones we do make. Yes..You will make mistakes, because Life doesn’t come with instructions.

Wall built by someone isn’t an excuse to build a bridge. Tit for tat isn’t the way. Let us not trade our goodness. The bridge is built to provide an opportunity to get ahead of others and not get even with them. – Santa Santosh Avvvannavar

Life is beautiful if I accept myself as I’m. Instead of asking others to change, can I approach in other way? Because the question of whose mistake is it; will remain a question for life! Life would be beautiful!

Life isn’t about getting what we can handle. Life teaches us to handle what we are given. Hurdles are there to jump over not to stand in front and wonder. Only you can take the responsibility to make your own life beautiful. The toughest soldiers always see the worst battles, that’s what makes them heroes.

Just a stone isn’t worth of a penny or attention of passerby. It’s worth is valued if it’s willing to be chiselled. Making into ‘top’ in life isn’t easier. The choice we make comes at a cost. If you choose to go by two wheeler or four wheeler, one has to accept the traffic jams. Similarly one could choose to be a history reader or a history maker. Choice is always yours! – Santa Santosh Avvvannavar

‘Joy’, ‘Happiness’, ‘Sadness’ are important but they’re are momentarily amusement alike Friday box office (movies). An remarkable and permanent mark one can leave is by making a ‘meaningful life’, by adding meaning to tasks we do. – Santa Santosh Avvannavar

3WT : Badhri Interview Experience

Dear Readers, Today we have Ace Badhri N, a campus recruited candidate. He is here to share his experience on 3W Technologies Pvt. Ltd. campus drive, how he succeeded.

(Interviewer is the author of She: Ekla Cholo Re & BUGman)

badri1Interviewer: Good evening Mr. Badhri! Tell me about yourself ?

Badhri: Good evening. I hail from Theni. Did my education in hometown at a government aided school. My father is a businessman and mother is a homemaker. I choose Mechanical department as several things inspired. Father is into a business of selling automobile spare parts. I was fascinated in understanding design and fabrication of those spare parts. This drew me to academics with will power to learn and unlearn. Co-curricular  activities like paper presentation at NIT Trichy that gave me a platform to begin the journey of hope! My consistent academic records (academic topper) ; my love towards cricket winning till zonal level. Interest towards sports is also due credit to my father, as he was athlete player and also a college champion.

Interviewer: Good to know that your father, good academics and sports were integral part of your life. Why did you choose to apply to 3WT?

Badhri: (Thinks) I was clear to take up a job in a core organisation. The position is, ‘Design Engineer’, that is what I was looking at!

Interviewer: Taking up a role defines passion towards one goal. What were the different rounds conducted? Could you also share your experience on training phase?

Bhadri: There were four rounds. Round one is a technical test. My good academics did help me to clear the round that had basics from engineering courses. Round two is design drawing. I was provided with 2D drawing sheet to us. Though the drawing seem complex from the first look but design knowledge, courses related to design were handy to clear the round. Round three is group discussion. The topic was “Position of film industry in India.” I jotted few right quick points to use them during discussion. My fair communication skills did help in cracking the round. The final round is Technical and HR. Questions were based out of resume. This round was easy because of my earlier participations in SAE India event held at Delhi. Questions were pertaining to project; why to you prefer this job?; listing of achievement; salary expectation. I presented true scenario to the questions.

badri2Interviewer: Lot of hard work. What is /are take away from the process?

Bhadri: There was waiting but it ended all well. For me, core job will give me greater satisfaction. I think interviewer expectations would be the approach towards the ‘question’ rather than ‘answers’.

Interviewer: Any suggestions for future aspirants?

Bhadri: (Thinks)  My suggestion to the aspirants is to believe in your academics. I have delight to tell that have an interest with your core. Give a complete effort until you achieve. Never give up on your goal! Were there is a will, there is a way!

Interviewer: Thank you very much for the valuable time and information. Wishing you a great career ahead with 3WT

Bhadri: Thank you too!

End of Corruption ?

Headmaster has asked the photographer to charge Rs. 10 per student for a photo session. But the photographer says to the teacher to collect Rs. 20 per student as informed by headmaster. Teacher in the class announces to get Rs.30 for a photo session. One of student’s tells mom that school has asked to bring Rs.50 for the photo session. Mother in the evening informs the husband about the photo session and ask for Rs. 100.
Now tell me, how will the corruption end? 🙂 😉

Tech Mahindra Career: Interview with Dharagesh D

Dear Readers, Today we have Ever Smiling Dharagesh Dhamodharan, a campus recruited candidate. He is here to share his experience on Tech Mahindra campus drive, how he succeeded Tech Mahindra.

(Interviewer is the author of She: Ekla Cholo Re & BUGman)


Interviewer: Good afternoon Mr. Dharagesh! Tell me about yourself ?

Dharagesh: Good afternoon. I would like to begin with family first, dad is working as an Account Manager in TATA Groups and mother is an examination coordinator at Bharathiyar University. I have a sister, presently residing at Bengaluru with her family. My family is one thing that has been very supportive on the decisions I take. I wanted to be an Instrumentation Engineer hence I choose EIE because of passion that drew towards Robotics. Since EIE is a multidisciplinary, I found last nearly four years as roller coaster ride. I assume many would agree with this (smiles).

Interviewer: It’s good to hear that you don’t just listen to your heart but follow it as well. Why did you choose to apply to Tech Mahindra?

Dharagesh: (Smiles and thinks) The first thing I wanted to do is find a job before graduating. Otherwise it would be frustrating, buckling pressure from the society and peer would have been difficult to handle. I think humans crave for social identity (smiles). I just wanted to show to others ‘I’m capable’. Cracking the first company proved several right for me! (grins)

Interviewer: That’s straight from your heart. What were the different rounds conducted? Could you also share your experience on training phase?

Dharagesh: Well, Tech Mahindra Interview process was no less than roller coaster too! The first round was aptitude with mere luck as mathematics is something challenging but I enjoy verbal section of assessment. The second round was to look at an image and type a story. This round was a piece of cake walk, as I feel there is some journalism in me (laughs). The third and fourth round were Technical HR and General HR. I did struggle with coding question but it ended well. General HR was my cup of tea not coffee (smiles). I happen to challenge the HR that I would clear CAT and sit right beside him to interview someday. I see that dream is not far off! (smiles)

Interviewer: Thats a good to hear. What is /are take away from the process?

Dharagesh: Well, I happened to take up rather to know the value of patience since the recruitment process involved a day long waiting. I knew my weakness and strengthen, specifically to mathematics and coding (smiles). It was indeed memorable day but fell short to celebrate because two other friends didn’t make it through.

image-15Interviewer: Any suggestions for future aspirants?

Dharagesh: (Thinks) I believe that one need to show/present their abilities rather to sell oneself as a product. You should be able to tell people that you capable and could fit very well in their business requirements. Right words during interview could foster a healthy discussion. There is no escape of regular practice of aptitude. Attending regular aptitude could help in understanding the basics.

Interviewer: Appreciate your open answers that could help several readers. Thank you very much for the valuable time and information. Wishing you a great career ahead with Tech Mahindra

Dharagesh: Thank you too!