God answers all our prayers in four ways 
1. Sometimes God gives what we ask
2. Sometimes God tells no for what we ask
3. Sometimes God tells wait for what we ask because you are not still ready for it
4. Sometimes God tells wait because I have better plans for you

Beautiful analogy to quote this
1. When a small kids asks for a a you or chocolates parent tell ok and buys happily because parents feel kid will feel happy and you can buy it.
2. When small kids tell I want to play with knife or fire parent tell no you are not playing with it because parent knows it would be dangerous if you play with knife or fire which may cause hurt to the kid which might cause pain and may be some disabilities later if I allow the kid to play with knife or fire as parents forsee what might happen.
3. A 10 year old kid goes and ask the parents to buy a bike parent will tell no not now u r not still ready for it I will buy u when u are grown up and ready for it to handle the bike.
4. Boy goes and ask the parents shall we go to Ooty this summer vacation parent tells no immediately boy gets angry you don’t give me what ever I ask them parent tells no dear I am working for the plan of taking you to Switzerland the tickets are yet to get confirmed I have better plans for you.


(Such a beautiful story!)
In a forest, a pregnant deer is about to give birth.
She finds a remote grass field near a strong-flowing river.
This seems a safe place.
Suddenly labour pains begin.
At the same moment, dark clouds gather around above & lightning starts a forest fire.
She looks to her left & sees a hunter with his bow extended pointing at her.
To her right, she spots a hungry lion approaching her.

What can the pregnant deer do?
She is in labour!
What will happen?
Will the deer survive?
Will she give birth to a fawn?
Will the fawn survive?
Or will everything be burnt by the forest fire?
Will she perish to the hunters’ arrow?
Will she die a horrible death at the hands of the hungry lion approaching her?
She is constrained by the fire on the one side & the flowing river on the other & boxed in by her natural predators.
What does she do?

She focuses on giving birth to a new life.
The sequence of events that follows are:
– Lightning strikes & blinds the hunter.
– He releases the arrow which zips past the deer & strikes the hungry lion.
– It starts to rain heavily, & the forest fire is slowly doused by the rain.
– The deer gives birth to a healthy fawn.

In our life too, there are moments of choice when we are confronted on αll sides with negative thoughts and possibilities.
Some thoughts are so powerful that they overcome us & overwhelm us.
Maybe we can learn from the deer.
The priority of the deer, in that given moment, was simply to give birth to a baby.
The rest was not in her hands & any action or reaction that changed her focus would have likely resulted in death or disaster.
Ask yourself,
Where is your focus?
Where is your faith and hope?
In the midst of any storm, do keep faith on the Creator always. He will never ever disappoint you. NEVER.
Remember, He neither slumbers nor sleeps…

Energetic Editor & Real Rajashree Ghosh

Today we have an energetic editor, a mother, working woman and wonderful personality – Mrs. Rajashree Ghosh for an interview. 

  • Let me start with an interesting question of self-concept, who is Rajashree Ghosh?

Rajashree is life; a small part of the big journey and I have a long way to travel… I am a nomad at heart, a non-conformist of many rules, a romantic at heart and I mostly look for self-motivation when I am down because if I think I can, I probably can. At times when I’m the underdog, I still prepare a victory speech. After all, you never know when I get to use it!

  • I see that you have interest in reading, editing and partially writing, what fascinates you among three and why?

All three actually as all are unique in their own way and gives me immense pleasure and helps me to challenge myself and broaden my horizon so that I can push my own boundaries.

  • If you have to redo choice of life, what you would like to?

Would love to travel the world and be a travel writer!

  • How was your experience of editing Black, Grey and White; Title is Untitled; Umbilical Cord; She: Ekla Cholo Re and yet to launch book, He Who Dreams?

It was a pleasure editing different books that belong to different genre. I always look forward to the next book wondering what it has in store – the very fact that I would be the first person to unravel it gives me sheer pleasure!

  • Which one is your favorite? Why?

I liked all the books as each one is different from the other.

  • I understand that you are a full time wife to your hubby, full time mother to Hiya and also has devoted your time to your work as a writer/ editor. What do you think that mothers who otherwise feel stuck in the four walls should do?

Don’t feel claustrophobic without trying to find your own calling! Be the ‘queen’ of your life and continue to be the rolling stone that gathers no moss. It may not be easy always but it’s not impossible. I too have my days when I feel ‘stuck’ but I know it’s up to me to find inspiration and move on. Please don’t give up without trying and learn from your children how to enjoy life!


She can be contacted : Rajashree Ghosh

Hope is Happy


(This picture was sent by a student to help in writing for TechMahindra picture assessment round. Writer, Santosh Avvannavar has made one possible attempt of describing the picture. He believes there could be more ways of present the picture. We would be happy to see your stories too!)

Hope is a beautiful thing to aspire. Marriage is expected to amplify this because two builds hope in moments of life. Vijay and Laxmi also expected from their married life. Vijay being ambitious guy quit lucrative career in discussion with his beloved wife to pursue a career in movies. Laxmi being a supportive wife, understood his passion quite early of few years. She always dreamt of seeing him as a superstar. Vijay’s debut film made him overnight star and journey to superstar was less than ten years. While at peak of success, Vijay had an injury. The world seem standstill for a moment. Despite the odds Laxmi tried to shield the emotions to build faith in Vijay’s life. She knew acting meant life for him. She worked diligently taking support from parents, friends and kept hope to his fans. She wrote a script along with other famous writer keeping Vijay’s situation into mind. The movie showed the life of an actor who didn’t give up! The movie was well received by his fans and critics. After a year Vijay was back realising the worst has passed and his family had come out stronger.

– Santosh Avvannavar

Independence : 2016

Rehan good morning, get up! says Abdul

Abu, it’s five o’clock. Please allow me to sleep for another ten minutes, says Rehan trying to close himself with a blanket

Beta, please get up. Water is warm, your dress is pressed, breakfast will be on table in a moment, says Abdul

After a lazy start, Rehan had a pleasant surprise on seeing a new pair of clothes lying neatly pressed. Rehan wondered, why would dad press new clothes? Taking a quick bite with a glass of milk, we rushed to catch a bus. Since ten years Rehan has seen Abu with the same attire – kurta, pyjama, Gandhi cap, a metallic emblem on the top left side of Kurta, nicely polished shoe, and a pen neatly placed in the pocket. He looked the most happiest man on this day! But for Rehan this day had been another day. With bit of hesitation Rehan asked his reason for the happiness. Abu revealed somethings that made him rethink on various aspects. He said, “I was born some day of October 1947. I have two older brothers and a sister. To my memory, I recall my dad used to celebrate 15 August as birthdays of everyone. Like you I didn’t understand it till age 14. One day dad revealed us the real message of freedom, “It would be hard to imagine the essence of freedom for people who haven’t faced conformity (slavery). Countless people have given up their life to make our lives peaceful. The future generations are likely to remould the essence of freedom. I’m not sure if that’s going to be appropriate. I celebrate this day as birthday of us and all birthdays of people who missed or forgot to celebrate because they wanted freedom to celebrate. Unfortunately many didn’t get an opportunity to celebrate their birthdays. Today we are meeting few families as their children, brother, sister or family for those who missed their freedom. Hence I insisted to leave early morning, dress in best possible attire, sweets and precious time to share.”

(After a moment of silence)

This was first time with bottom of heart Rehan held Abu’s hand and wished him, “Abu, Happy Independence Day”.
‪#‎HappyIndependenceDay‬ – Santosh Avvannavar

Mathematics Teacher

Quite early in my school I had realised that teachers understands that there exists a potential that needed to be tapped ; or not been refined and brought forward. When I scored promising marks in mathematics the teacher did a favour of altering my potential. All I had to do was to go deeper in effort, practice and not settle for second best. I knew there was no way to fool myself or them. The day 8th standard results were announced, my mathematics teacher looked deep into eyes in a serious note lifting the eyebrows and said, you did very well in mathematics. You have secured 89! It’s was a sense of pride that made me to feel worth the effort.

During 9th, in one of regular unit test I did miserable badly in my growing favourite subject mathematics. The scoldings by a caring teacher was ‘the horse is becoming donkey’. This thought enabled me to become a person that I am today. In next two years I went to top in mathematics. I could have never dared to walk into the class without a rough book, note book, box with required instruments for the class, pencil with sharpener, rubber, ink pen. But without such admonitions, I might have just survived and not thrived in my chosen field. Such higher ups expectation would actually bring potential or self true. These and several other experiences have made me believe teachers can do miracles! Maybe you could try it out on yourself or someone you believe in. Best wishes

Sr Agtha
Sr Agatha

– Santosh Avvannavar

Mani & Tamilmani

A man clad in dothi, turban with an umbrella in hand knocks a door and asks for, “Good morning, My name is Mr Narasimhaswamy, can I see Mr Mani?”

The man at the door step in a simplest attire says, “Good morning sir, I’m Mani. Please come inside, it’s hot out there. How can I help you?”

“I’m teacher and new principal to your son Tamilmani”, says Narasimhaswamy relaxing in an arm chair

“Oh! We are blessed to have you here. I could have come to receive at bus stop if I was aware. My apology”, says Mani offering a tumbler of water

“I wanted to check if you’re are open to join the school as a student. Whenever I inquired about you to your son on various things for example, did you write a letter to your parents? A quick reply was, ‘Sir, they don’t understand?’ I felt as he would grow ‘knowledge’ would apart both.” Says Narasimhaswamy

Mani listens patiently and requests for few hours before he could broad bus with him. He expresses interest and promises to return at the earliest. Principal was surprised to see his eagerness to join the school. Principal enjoys great hospitality at his home but Mani arrives late than promised.

Mani rushes home with apologetic gesture for delay and requests Mr Narasimhaswamy to forgive. Being seated at bus stop to catch the last bus that has got delayed to arrive due to technical reasons. In the wait, Narasimhaswamy opens the talk, “If you don’t mind, may I know, why you agreed to join school?”

Mani replies in a humble tone, “I couldn’t study because of priority and poverty. However, I would like to thank my parents for giving values through their own ways. In order to quest my hunger of learning, granny use to narrate stories, sing songs. My father taught me new ways of cultivating the land. My mother taught me and my newly wed wife on using available resources to manage home. My friends like me who couldn’t go to school worked on brining community together. I created my own world in others.”

Listening closely to Mani’s words Narasimhaswamy asks, where did you go leaving me at your home?

“I had promised to help a family today, my friend wife is in her trimester. She was to be taken to hospital that 20km away from here. It’s first child for them and they are excited about it. Here we try to live as one family. Then I had to convince my wife and promised to take her with me. I inquired if she is interested in joining school. She felt ashamed with a thought of sitting on a bench. Then I had to hand over the remaining work to others. Hence there was delay in my return.

In meanwhile the bus arrived, both hurried to the door.

Narasimhaswamy held Mani by shoulder and said, “I can only provide knowledge to your son but the real experience lies here, in your village. I would like to send your son and urge others to visit your village during vacation. Share your experience that is going to add value, love, humility and honour to his present and future. You don’t need schooling!”

– Santosh Avvannavar, Author of She: Ekla Cholo Re

Four Pillars Of My Life: My Name Is ____

‘My name is ____’, couldn’t get through the final word inspite of great struggle. I was never been able to get through till I turned the age of twenty two. I’m not sure if many would understand this inability to speak. Doctors call it as ‘autism’, which I wasn’t aware of it for several years.

People often mocked at this inability by trying to repeat my incomplete word or sentence or an alphabet of a word. With growth this looked insult, this eventually led to skip first day (freshers day) at school or college or events that needed interaction. This situation was more challenging while using public transport, conductors who didn’t understand the situation often were impulsive while handing out a ticket. I don’t blame them because of their stress of handling hundreds of commuters. But I often looked for empathy from others.

Several situations have led my mother into sadness. Her self motivated dose often fell flat on sharp words from relatives. They often termed me as a ‘handicap’. I don’t think any mother would bear the pain of hearing that she bore an ‘imperfect child’. I often vented out the anger in bathroom through a running water to hinder the real pain. I spent several minutes trying to explain myself that there would be silver lining in my life. At few times a force that often pushed me towards to end life, suicide!

I thought may be new environment, South America would help to begin a new life. But the pattern of education that required to make presentation on regular basis shattered the dream much earlier than otherwise. I had to return ! After a gap of frustrating one year, I choose Mechanical Engineering. If someone had asked, why I choose that over the other branch of engineering? I choose to overcome the humiliation from a class that might have both genders. I had become sensitive, this led to making fewer friends. I did most to avoid any situations that demanded conversations. But how long could I avoid? During a class hour an English faculty, Prof. Rajeshwari not being aware of the situation asked me to introduce but I couldn’t get through my name. Tears trickled down my cheeks in frustration!

One day Dr Tamilselvam, Head of Dept of Mechanical Engineering happen to mention, ‘I’m low on energy’. He identified my challenge, his warm words was the first pillar to build confidence. This gave rise to urge to search that could solve the stuttering. With support and faith in believing its curable from my mother, Mrs. Bharathi who became my second pillar. This search got us introduced to McGuire Programme that provided with several videos and promised to deliver best possible result in four days. But a thought that ran across was, how can over eighteen year old problem could be solved in four days? A small push from mother gave hope and rise to the third pillar, Mr Kaushik Valluri, Director of the programme. He did the right thing of calling us and adding confidence to the searching soul. I still remember his words, ‘I shall overcome the problem.’

This took me to attend the first four days programme out of which about two and half days was cut out that included TV, Phone, Internet, Peer contact. After this I was asked to make a first call to the person I desired. I choose my first pillar, Dr Tamilselvam. He was delighted on hearing me speak and able to get through few words and sentence with little struggle than earlier. This followed a call to second pillar, my mother, the emotional moment still is afresh and often makes my eyes moist. This was perhaps the first time I couldn’t sleep. The joy was unbearable! On the last day, I dialled to Prof. Rajeshwari and requested her if I could say my name now, ‘My name is Yesvanth Darma Dev D‘. I’m sure the other side would be emotional moment like mine.

Fourth pillar are all the people that accepted me over the time! I take this opportunity to thank you all for being kind and supportive.

Meet my pillars –

Earlier I was last, but now I’m first!

(The article is written by Santosh Avvannavar)




Story of Ritual & Love

Rohini, it’s already close to 9 pm, could you please break your fast? asks Rohan

Looking at watch Rohini replied with smile, ‘Twenty minutes for nine. And I’m in middle of prayers. Hence don’t disturb.’

‘My hunger doesn’t understand these rituals’, says Rohan trying to trick her to end fast
In meanwhile of waiting their daughter, Roshini joins them.

Mom, you should have these tasty homemade chocolates. I tried these myself, says Roshini

Rohini in dilemma over the situation between break fast and doing for just sake. Seeing too late in response Rohan grabs a chocolate and puts in mouth of his wife, Rohini. Their daughter rushes to give to their neighbors saying thank you.

Rohini was dared not to eat early but Rohan said something that her to break fast earlier than otherwise.

What did he say?

Rohan said, ‘These rituals exists to tame rebellious mind and as all religions teaches to love one another.’
(Santosh Avvannavar)