Kanasu Foundation

Inaugural of Kanasu Foundation at Tumakuru, Karnataka. Thanks for the honor and love! It was amazing to present and interact with audience. Thanks to QtPi Robotics for the encouragement.


6th TEDx Talk

6th TEDx Talk at TEDxIIESTShibpur, Kolkata. The talk was on ‘Umbilical Cord – A cord that will always remain’. Beautiful campus with energetic organisers who made the stay a memorable. Campus has a great history! Worth a stop by visit in Kolkata.

Thanks to the team TEDxIIESTShibpur team for the opportunity and QtPi Robotics team for the support! All glory to God!

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TEDxUSMC Malaysia: My Experience

TEDxUSMC is my third TEDx talk after TEDxIMUV (Vizag) and TEDxBITMWomen (Meerut). TEDxUSMC was held on Dec 02 at Johor Bahru, Malaysia. My first interaction from their team was with Mr. Lian Ming (Co-organiser) over the Skype. The discussion lasted for 1:30 hour he making several notes on the ideas that I presented. I should appreciate his patience to listen to each idea and appreciate them. After some days I was elated to see news of shortlist. Thanks to the Malaysian government for providing eVisa that made daunting tasks of documents and process. I choose Malaysian Airlines and nothing fell short of choosing it!

The TEDxUSMC team was courtesy to pick me at the airport and put me to the hotel. I was made feel at home. On Dec 1 team dinner was organised and I must thank them for taking care of vegetarians (like me ;)). I got to meet several other volunteers and team members who were pumped  with energy for hosting first TEDx (live) at USMC.

It was wonderful event organised by them and indeed words fell short to thank them! I believe that they are going to grow stronger with more events to come.

My Talk @ TEDxUSMC
Exhibition (Speakers were given opportunity to present their work and about themselves)
Lunch 🙂


With TEDxUSMC Team


My First TEDx Talk

TEDxIMUV was my first TEDx talk. Topic of my talk was My Mission Our Mission : Stories of Soil. The idea was to customise any awareness program keeping the sensitivities of people that could be associated with culture, beliefs, ideas, perception to make it workable mission. I choose ‘stories’ to tell the message to 50 women colleges and several schools. The message was that its important for a girl to be educated and why forms the rest of talk.


The organising team made us feel at home. Thanks to Mr. Ritwick, Organiser of TEDxIMUV and Mr. Udith, Coordinator for making a memorable visit to Vizag. Director and all the students were always at toe foot to help/ assist. It was wonderful to see The Hindu newspaper mentioning about the event. I also like to acknowledge QtPi Robotics team for their support.

Young minds come together at TEDx - The Hindu