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1You have an opportunity to bring smiles on faces of children. We are raising fund through crowd funding – Sponsor Robotic Course To Underprivileged in Rural India. Appreciate your support.
One could contribute as min as Rs.100 onwards and in return receive a gift from us like shout out (Thank You!) on social media! and more for your contribution and support! Please use the link below to make one child dream come true! So far we have reached nearly 32K with 31 backers.
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Requesting to contribute, share and help.
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QtPi Robotics is into space of building ecosystem for children/kids to build robotic projects. QTPI Robotics is entirely designed and built in house by veterans from Software, Mechatronics, and Integrated Chip industry. A proud “Make in India” initiative.



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Robotics Workshop Organised by Amrita Foundation for HRD, Bagalkot

Robotics workshop was organised by Amrita Foundation for HRD, Bagalkot under the guidance of Dr. Meena R Chandavarkar at Basaveshwara International Public School, Bagalkot. The workshop was conducted by QtPi Robotics.

Children were asked to build unique designed RC cars. Children were introduced to building blocks, electronics component and plug/play software. In the end, children presented their work.

Children initially felt they could never build a car, but at the end it seemed possible. They not just made a immovable car but automated to do a function of moving in several directions.

Robo Carnival

I got to witness the glimpse of Robo Carnival. It was amazing to see different Robo’s that could do a function such as Pick and Place; Bubble Blower; RC Car, Transformer, Chatbot and others.

Robo Show
Children Playing 
Family Fun Moment
Qt Pi winner 🙂 


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