Build an App and play with Robot

As I child I did have a share of making earthen pots that I could own to my credit. Perhaps that was all about building or creating that brought bundles of joy! I couldn’t have imagined there could be a day where I could not only build a physical robot but also create a function (like app) to run the robot. Sounds cool? Yes, I witnessed today at New Home of Reaching Hand, Bengaluru.


Children of age 6-17 participated in building Remote Control car (RC car), the kit of QtPi helps in building several geometry. No wonder, they have an interesting tagline ‘One kit; unlimited possibilities’. With a motherboard that is not pre-programmed helps to collaborate with any app that is created by the user. Thats seem a cool feature for me!


Seeing children build robots, as for all it was first time experience seemed to me ‘One kit; unlimited happiness’.

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TEDxGlobalDay started with three stories how to counter the negative forces and have a progressive thinking! Followed to which a dance was performed to welcome the participants. Two videos were streamed to gain insights on climate change. Had a socialising break with Rose milk and Samosa! We continued with two more videos and had a group to engage with melodious song. Streamed another video and had a Group Discussion themed on Smart Cities. We had a team lunch! In the post afternoon team visited Orphanage that has Differently Abled People. They were entertained with dance, songs, competition, planting saplings and prayers. Team had a memorable experience, several lessons to take home and beautiful reason to celebrate the future! Thank you team and TEDxGlobalDay for the opportunity. #TEDxGlobalDay #TED