Episode 3 Baaton ka Bharta – The Parenting Lessons that I have learnt | Santosh Avvannavar

Episode 3 – “Baaton Ka Bharta” 😊 translate loosely as “Talker” in English. The series aims on important parenting lessons one could have learnt from personal experiences or observations.

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The parenting lessons that I learnt Ep 1

We begin a new series titled “Baaton Ka Bharta” 😊 translate loosely as “Talker” in English. The series aims on important parenting lessons one could have learnt from personal experiences or observations.

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Episode 1

Roll Camera Action

Santa Santosh Avvannavar in conversation with 11 year old Saanvi Shirali who is multifaceted personality interested in umpteen activities like theatre, nature, singing, dancing and many more. She was also a part of Konkani and Hindi adaptation of the epic #hollywood movie The Sound Of Music called Naad Ninaad which had 11 house-full shows in Bengaluru, Mumbai & Kolkata. She is a student of Daffodils Foundation for Learning

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Choices are hard to come by!

Santa Santosh Avvannavar talks on a personal journey on importance of providing choices to children. As choices creates opportunities. This in turn helps in gaining experiences and in turn adds knowledge and wisdom to build skills of 21st century or future skills. Share your journey of choices. Santosh shares an anecdote of his mother taking him to restaurants/ hotel for refreshments such dosa, South Indian dish typically eaten as breakfast or dinner. He shares how limited choices didn’t lead opportunities. He uses dosa as a metaphor to narrate his views.


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104 Quarantine Days I Mumbai to Bengaluru

One of the #best story is from the experiences! Sharing my #thoughts of 100+ Quarantine Days.

I dedicate these thoughts
– to frontline workers who continue to risk their lives & put smile on others
– to who supported the needy through stay, food and hope
– to who adhere social distancing, usage of mask and follow hygienic practices
– to who are petrified but need help
– to who continue to fight with a hope to see a bright day sooner

I think its responsibility of everyone to share a story of hope! What’s your story?

Lastly I would like to thank Nagachiranjeevi Kuppili for the support during stay in #Mumbai 🙂

Thanks to Henrich TEDx speaker & Blogger for giving life to the thoughts 

Assets: Teacher and Student

Father's DayMaking an asset for their own children is relatively easier than making them as an asset is bit of many things like patience, motivation and consistency.
My son’s Vignan curious mind had fetched him laurels for his efforts, teachers motivation and parents contribution. His visit to NASA for winning an international trophy for a project Aresam: The Gateway to Mars. Post XIIth standard he opted to study at Standford University for Bachelor’s degree. During application processing, he was asked to fill an application, which teacher inspired him the most? I’m sure all the students who joins Stanford would have mentioned their favourite teacher name. There is definitely no surprise with such question in a form. During his summer break Vignan came to India. Because of the attachment with the school and teacher, he went to meet them. His favourite teacher was in tears in seeing him. He wondered, what could be the matter for the tears to trickle?
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Story of a Common Man Book Launching on 14 Feb 2016

“Easiest thing man has learnt is to find faults and toughest thing is to appreciate”

My first biography of a global social entrepreneur is set to launch globally on 14 Feb 2016 along with Dr. Meena R Chandavarkar as co-author. All Glory to God!


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