Title is Untitled review by Syed Tahseen

This is a review of a book written by Santosh Avvannavar `Title is Untitled’.
Title is Untitled – A Review

The courage shown by these three authors in projecting a commitment to stand by the rape victims is inspirational and it will give an initiative to many others to do the same. It is a great move to reach out to these victims. This is a book which will bring you out of the world of an indifferent slumber and will not allow you to pass comments like you always do when you read the daily paper or look at the television during a cup of morning coffee.

‘Title is Untitled’ is a confusing header Three authors have collaborated in completing this book that presents facts in an interesting way as other fiction writers do. They are Santosh Avvannavar; Raghunath Babu and Kundan Srivastava. The book rotates around the evils in modern society involving love, desire and anger. The story is well presented with just the right pinch of humour and it gives you greater insight and awareness of the bloody social evils that have corrupted Indian society today. There is plenty of hard work that has been put into this book and it is well supported with proper research and data. The confusing title will gel with you after going through the initial few pages and your doubts will be slowly quelled. The book will ignite your anticipation. You will be taken through a ride of domestic violence and sexual fantasies. You will come across the all familiar images of injustice being done at the hands of those very people who are supposed to be protecting you.

On the Indian literary scene, there is a need for more compositions like these instead of the run of the mill masala thrillers. I would congratulate the writers on their sincere attempt to put their points across in an aggressive fashion. Many social issues have been dealt with, capably, in this book. There was a need to do better proof-reading before publishing it but it can be pardoned in lieu of the bigger picture. There is plenty of scope for reflection on your part as a reader when you put the book down. It will open your minds to get out of the indifferent modes in life and do something about handling the wrongs that happen around you every day. The change has to be brought about, somehow. I personally feel that the youth of the country, particularly, the student groups should create vigilante bodies and take things into their hands rather than being docile and bothered about only `having a good time’ in their colleges or blowing way their parents’ hard-earned money on the mundane abnormalities of the corrupt life around us.

The compositional style in the book is mostly conversational and the authors have kept it simple for the readers with the utilization of dialects. The issues that have been brought out to the front are varied, ranging from rape to child marriage and from human trafficking to the big business of professional begging.

Overall, this book is a definite eye opener for many people who live in their respective comfort zones of indifference and those who fail to raise their voice against many social wrongs.

Syed Tahseen Hussain Nakavi
Freelance Journalist and Amazon Reviewer (Juror)

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