Umbilical Cord 7


First Review : Maniparna
Second Review : Sahil rated it 3 of 5 stars – Another great read! The book narrates 40 (very real) stories about different situations faced by people from different walks of life. Enjoyed reading the book – it is a very good quick read!
Third Review : Mounika Lakkakula rated it 5 of 5 stars –Firstly I’d like to thank Mr.Santhosh Avvannavar for sending the copy of this wonderful book.I found this book really interesting.40 cords(stories) which define some of the important feelings and instincts of man in his life are just amazing.It really lets people rethink their whole life.I’d refer this book to everyone of my friends.It’s a great read.Thank you once again
Fourth Review : Mutturaj rated it 5 of 5 stars – Indeed a thoughtful read, Umbilical cord explains us that, cords which are important to our lives after we detached from the umbilical cord and I would like to thank authors for sharing wisdom for growth in harmony.
Fifth Review : Merril Anil
Sixth Review : Aishwarya rated it 5 of 5 stars
This time, Santosh Avvannavar has joined hands with Meena R Chandawarkar, the Vice-Chancellor of Karnataka State Women’s University, to come up with his latest book Umbilical Cord: A cord that remains, always, in many ways’ The stories are short and precise. The characters are relatable. This book has something for everyone. Its a wonderful attempt to bring awareness to issues like female foeticide, child marriage, AIDS, and even concepts of live-in relationship and house husbands in India. I am sure it will make the readers pause and ponder. In no way have I ever felt that the reader is being preached- such is the impeccable writing style. Kudos!
Seventh Review : Shilpa Patil rated it 4 of 5 stars
An excellent creation.The authors have gone an extra mile to create bunch of stories into a small readable book.Kudos! to its framing thoughts and explanations.
Eighth Review : Kalyan P
Ninth Review : Romila
Tenth Review : Nandhini
Eleventh Review : Nithish Jayasheela says 'The Short stories which end with a tickle somewhere in your heart. The heart after finishing a Cord looks put for what next part will the next CordTickle.The book talks of reality, mishaps as well of some feel good Stuff. It is a Mixture of emotions talking of realities in life. Cheers Santa Santosh Avvannavar! You have really matured as a writer. ‪#‎UmbilicalCord‬. Looking forward for your next book.(If asked to rate I would give a full 5/5)'
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“Here comes a compilation of 40 short stories by Meena R Chandawarkar and Santosh Avvannavar that uses The Umbilical Cord as a metaphor to bring social awareness and intends to draw the reader’s attention towards the society. The stories in this book revolve around love, forgiveness, empathy etc. as society is a cobweb of relationships. There is something for everyone in this book. Read on to find out which ‘cord’ is closer to your heart, as the Umbilical Cord is an attachment that remains forever…the name says it all…”

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