Authdas with Dr. Venkatesh

I am so excited today to have with me for virtual coffee, Dr. Venkatesh Kumar a medical student of RGES, Ronn who shares his views of Surrogate Author book and about him.

Venky 4

Authdas: Tell us about you

Dr. Venkatesh Kumar: My roots are from Gadag, Karnataka but completed education at different parts of country. I am presently pursuing medicine.

Authdas: How did you get a copy of Surrogate Author?

Dr. Venkatesh Kumar: (Smiles) I got it is a gift by the author during a seminar on ‘Doctor-Patient Communication Skills Program’ at our college.

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Auhtdas: What kind of books do you read?

Dr. Venkatesh Kumar: I mostly read books that are simple, short ones like comics, journals. There is something new to read often attracts me.

Authdas: Which section of the Surrogate Author is still fresh in your mind?

Dr. Venkatesh Kumar: Authdas love towards Paro as his first book, his persistent to write her. This is something still lingering in my mind.

Authdas: What you didn’t like about the book?

Dr. Venkatesh Kumar: I wish to see the story gets extended or elaborated.

Authdas: Why do you think someone should read this book?

Dr. Venkatesh Kumar: The book boost up aspiring writers who have forgone their writing skills due to some challenges. In same way I am inspired by this.

Authdas: What are your hobbies?

Dr. Venkatesh Kumar: Writing poems, lyrics for song, enjoys music and bit of dancing (smiles).

Authdas: It was pleasure talking with you. Thanks for joining at virtual interview.

Dr. Venkatesh Kumar: (smiles) It’s my pleasure too!

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